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Hard Knocks Combat Simulation

The Oviedo, Florida based company Hard Knocks is expanding their business reach into a brand new location at Pointe Orlando.

The combat simulation facility is reaching into the International Drive (I-Drive) corridor with the hope that they will be able to reach a whole new level of customers.

The Hard Knocks brand offers an adrenaline pumping combat experience that takes laser tag and paintball to a whole new level of reality and excitement.

The weapons available for use at Hard Knocks actually incorporate technology that has been adapted from combat simulations that the military offers for training.

The weapons that Hard Knocks uses use an infrared light, which is eye-safe; unlike other combat simulation weapons that have the potential for eye damage.

The spectrum of light used with the infrared lights is actually the exact same choice that is used with military-grade combat simulations.

Another feature about the weapons used at Hard Knocks is that they do not use a projectile during combat simulations.

The simulations are free from the risk of pain and you won’t need safety gear, which can sometimes prove to be cumbersome when you are in a combat simulation situation.

Paintball and Airsoft use projectiles, which can often result in painful bruising and other minor injuries.


The Hard Knocks weapons even offer muzzle flashes when they are fired, adding a much more realistic feel to the weapons.

Some of the weapons that are available for use during the Hard Knocks combat simulations include the following.

Handguns Shotguns P-90s
Mac-10s Assault weapons Claymores

Some of the changes that fans of Hard Knocks will see in the new location include new models in the weapons, including some that have realistic recoil to them when they are fired.

Some weapons will also require participants to add ammo by dropping clips.

The vests have also had an upgrade and now have multiple sensors within them; they now allow for “flesh wounds” versus just simply “kill shots.”

Combat Missions

This will allow for a lot more flexibility with the types of combat missions that participants can enjoy.

The combat missions offered by Hard Knocks go far beyond the other types of combat sports that require participants to simply eliminate their opponents.

Hard Knocks offers mission inventory that holds a wide range of missions that challenge participants to complete high-level objects in order to successfully complete their missions.

Some of the missions will challenge participants to rescue hostages, defuse bombs, protect VIPs, and of course take their enemy down.

This form of combat entertainment is the ideal choice for large family groups, corporate team building, birthday parties, summer camps, and so many other types of groups and events.

The themes of the new battlegrounds for the I-Drive location have not yet been released, but the new location is set to open its doors just in time for spring break.

With the inclusion of a lot more technology, the new Hard Knocks location is destined to become a popular entertainment choice for a wide range of events, year-round.

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9101 International Dr #2300
Orlando, FL 32808
(407) 542-8785

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