Machine Gun America Allows You to Shoot Tons of Different Guns

Have you ever watched a news reporter talk about the police simulators they use in armed response training? 

Machine Gun America (MGA) is a 13,000 square foot facility that offers high-tech simulations and much more!

These are simulated scenarios that officers are placed in and asked to react to varying situations.

These simulators and live ammo range are open to individuals 13 and older (parent must be present with minors).

Note that person firearms are not allowed in the facility, you may only use ammunition and weapons owned by MGA.

With the simulators you can try to exterminate zombies as a team or challenge a westerner to a good ol’ fashion duel.

There are three simulators rooms available for rent by the half hour.

Each person using the simulator will be given a simulation weapon that has an operable laser pointer, aiding in hitting your target.

If you happen to miss your attacker and they strike you the screen will freeze, signifying a failed mission.

While you are welcome to hide behind the console and roll around to aid in your adrenaline rush, this is not necessary.

Machine Gun America
Machine Gun America
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10 Live Action Fire Lanes & Diverse Experiences

Should you prefer a bit of live action you will find that there are 10 fire lanes available.

You can choose from a number of diverse experiences, each created to evoke a different feel.

The base package is the Adrenaline Shot (Try It), which allows you to shoot two Glock 17 pistol clips and one MP5 machine gun magazine.

These two weapons give you a bit of an adrenaline rush that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

 For the full artillery experience you might consider the Big Screen Legends package.

The Arsenal

This features seven different weapons that have been featured in movie scenes over the years.

Some weapons included in this package are an AK-47 machine gun, Pump Action shot gun, M4 machine gun and a 1911 pistol.

Soon enough you will be able to customize your own experience with guns of your choice.

Once you have selected your package you then complete a waiver and move on to selecting your shooting target.

One target is included per package, but you can purchase addition targets should you prefer to shoot each gun on a different target.

Some of the targets also include dye packs that explode when shot.

This is a great way to challenge you friends at sharp shooting!

 Range Safety Officer (RSO)

Each group is assigned to a dedicated, professional Range Safety Officer (RSO).

They are there to ensure that you have a clear understanding about the weapon and guide you in its proper use.

If this is your first experience with a gun they will explain and demonstrate proper handling and use.

The RSO is not optional.

If you want to share a unique gift you can purchase a t-shirt in the shop and use that as a target.

Anyone would be grateful for a t-shirt riddled with bullet holes.

One of the few places where you can fire a real machine gun, without actually owning the gun, is at Machine Gun America. #MachineGunAmerica
One of the few places where you can fire a real machine gun, without actually owning the gun, is at Machine Gun America. #MachineGunAmerica
At Machine Gun America you are able to try your hand at shooting live ammunition in a controlled environment. #MachineGunAmerica There are also keychains fashioned like bullets that make for a very unique souvenir. #MachineGunAmerica Inside the shooting range you will be accompanied by a trained Range Safety Officer to ensure that you are handling all weapons properly. #MachineGunAmerica Of course there is more to Machine Gun America than guns. Be sure to grab a container of chocolate shaped ammunition. #MachineGunAmerica If you don't want to shoot live ammunition there are also simulation rooms where you can test your skills in different scenarios. #MachineGunAmerica There are a number of different machine guns that you can choose to shoot with at Machine Gun America. #MachineGunAmerica There is more then enough room to accommodate large groups at Machine Gun America. This some of the open space on the main floor that is available to relax in. #MachineGunAmerica You'll notice that when you are actively shooting the range safety office will keep a hand on your shoulder to make sure that you and others are always safe. #MachineGunAmerica While you are taking you turn at shooting a target you can have a family member or friend snap a few photos. #MachineGunAmerica You can also choose to purchase a a t-shirt and swap out your shooting target to actually shoot a couple rounds into your shirt. #MachineGunAmerica


VIP Room

There is also a VIP Room available for rental. 

You can use this space to host meetings or private parties. 

The space has wifi connection and features multiple TV screens and an Xbox One gaming system.

A conference desk sits in the center of the room while modern red leather couches serve as the added seating area.

Whether you’ve never shot a firearm or if you’ve got a cabinet stocked with ammunition, you definitely want to check out MGA.

Remember that memories and experiences like this are best when shared with others.

The entire facility can be rented out for corporate meetings, celebrations and other types of gatherings.

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