The Republic an Interactive Experience

When you go to most theme parks you are lured into an experience that glides you through the air, splashes you with water and moves you through a virtual experience.

At The Republic all of is thrown out of the window and you enter the game itself.

Think of it as a real world version of Tron, without the digital world and futuristic motorcycles on this is the creator’s take on Plato’s Republic.

A Totally Interactive Game

The mystique of The Republic game begins when you purchase your tickets. You are informed that you will receive the location of the venue a couple days before.

Sir, the CEO and leader of The Republic, will contact you.

Once you arrive at the discreet location you will check-in, sign a waiver and have your electronic devices stored before you enter an 18,000 square foot warehouse near downtown Orlando.

In the waiting area each person will be given a sticker and asked to perform a task before you enter the game.

The Office, The Republic or The Labyrinth

Each group consists of up to 30 players who are split into one of three groups – The Office, The Republic or The Labyrinth – prior to starting the 90-minute quest through a complex maze filled where you will be watched carefully.

The game doesn’t require that you put much effort into it, but the more you participate the better the experience will be.

It is filled with actors, special effects, sounds and puzzles that ultimately affect how the game ends.

No two endings are alike, every group and each of their decisions directly affect what happens next.

You Control The Game

You will be told a number of things by the non-play characters in the game, sometimes you won’t know if it’s true of not.

Not knowing what to believe leaves the decision-making tough for every player.

The missions you are asked to complete may end in anything from a scolding from Sir to being kidnapped.

You can help start an uprising if you are of a lower caste or work against your own faction to aid Sir in maintaining The Republic.

You can explore the 20+ room maze as you please, sans the doors marked with red X’s on them.

Mythical creatures such as the Minotaur may chase you through the labyrinth as you try to find your way.

The game is very different from anything you will find in the area. In its current form The Republic Game will be open to guests over the age of 18 through late July.

When you have played the game once you’ll be eagerly waiting on what may come when the game is reinvented.

Remember, each decision you make will affect the next aspect of the game.

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