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Whirley Dome Mechanized Team Sport

Whirley Dome
6464 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

For great fun, grab ten friends and head to Whirley Dome, Orlando’s newest hang out.

WhirleyDome is a fully mechanized team sport.

A combination of basketball, hockey and jai-alai, this fast, energetic sport is executed in bumper car-like contraptions called Whirley Bugs.

These cars are faster and more maneuverable than traditional bumper cars; they move at 3-4 miles an hour and turn on a dime.

Power enabling these cars to move is provided by a grid of conducting plates embedded in the court floor. There are five red and five yellow WhirleyBugs.

On a completely enclosed court measuring 50’ X 80’, two teams of five each chose their color and square off.

A basketball type backboard is located at each end of the court with a 15” hole in the center.

Like football or basketball, the red team defends their backboard, while attempting to toss their whiffle ball through the yellow backboard.

The yellow team aims for the red backboard.

Whirley Bugs & Whirlic

A plexiglass glass swing gate buzzes, announcing to the referee when a point – or whirlic -- has been scored.

The whirlic is worth two points if scored from half the court, or less, away from the backboard. If scored from farther than half a court away, a whirlic counts for three points.

The points do not count if the electronic buzzer is not activated.

Holding a WhirleyBug steering rod in one hand and a Jai-Alai scoop in the other, the teams pass between them a softball sized whiffle ball, racing up and down the court and cutting off opponents, with only whirlics on their minds. The competition can be fierce, but always fun.

WhirleyDome provides the scorekeepers and referees.

No prior experience is needed, but players must be at least 12 years old and 54” tall.


The per person cost of fun is reasonable: $8 for a 10 minute session.

WhirleyDome charges no admission – just pay for the activities you take part in.

WhirleyDome also houses a high charged Formula One racing simulator (a unique experience that is the first of its kind in the US), a Laser Frenzy game, a Laser Tag arena and the Bloodhound Brew Pub & Eatery.

The Bloodhound Brew Pub is a casual dining establishment with an extensive menu of salads, sandwiches and daily specials.

And beer!

With many courts and party rooms, consider WhirleyDome for your next family reunion, corporate functions, birthday party, or any time that calls for a get together.

WhirleyDome is dedicated to people having fun.

With that in mind, drop everything and call some friends and head out the door.

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