Large Canadian Roadside Attractions

As you travel across Canada, you may come across some large and
interesting roadside attractions. Here's a growing collection of their photos,
some of which have been taken by Ed Solonyka and others
that have been donated or borrowed.

As America's first drive-through cageless zoo, Lion Country Safari
has been a leader in conservation since 1967. Lion Country provides a
habitat in which many endangered or threatened species live and


Visit Gatorland

The Gator Jumparoo Show: Thrills and chills abound as some of the
largest alligators in the world actually jump four to five feet out
of the water to retrieve food in this famous one-of-a-kind show.
Learn more about alligators and crocodiles and their awesome powers.
Watch as giant alligators jump high enough out of the water to
actually snatch food from the trainer's hand.
A must see for the entire family!

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