Blizzard Beach Water Park

Summit Plummet - tallest waterslide in the US launches you on a 60 mile-mph

Teamboat Springs - take the family for a twisting, turning raft ride down 1200 feet of rushing waterfalls.

Downhill Double Dipper - tube through twin 50-ft slopes.

Tobbogan Racers - an 8 lane fast lane straight to the bottom od mountain.

Runoff Rapids - shoots the flumes in a one, two, or 3 person tube

Slush gusher - Rocket through cavernous gulleys at speeds up to 50mph

Cross Country Creek - tube and drift down this 1/2 mile lazy creek. Watch for falling drops of ice-cold water while floating through the ice cave.

Chairlift - soar over Mt. Gushmore.

Melt Away bay - 1 acre pool, fed by waterfalls.

Ski Patrol Trainimg Camp - For kids! There's a bungee cord slidet, bar droop, floating icebergs, and more.

Height Restrictions

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Blizzard Beach Water Park

Blizzard Beach water park at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida is where you will find 'Summit Plummet' the tallest waterslide in the US that launches you on a 60 mile-mph plunge.

1534 Blizzard Beach Drive, Orlando, FL, US 32830

Phone: 407 560 3400

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