CSI International Drive: Be the Investigator!

CSI International Drive Has Closed

Experience the thrill of being an investigator minus the danger, the real danger for that matter.

This is the gist of the CSI: The Experience is located at 7220 International Drive.

As its name suggests, the idea is based on the famous CBS show, CSI.

Visitors will have the chance to experience how it feels like to examine evidences and connect facts in order to get the answers that you want to help solve the crime.

This feature validates and heightens the excitement of those people who are dying to know how it feels like to be an investigator.

On the other hand, people who may have second thoughts can back out as early as this point to avoid purchasing unwanted tickets.

While the virtual tour may give visitors a clear idea of what is going to happen.

Nothing beats going into the actual exhibit and experiencing the world of crime investigation using your very own judgement, thinking and senses.

The main purpose of this exhibit is to promote public awareness of forensics as well as to enhance critical thinking, of the participant while ensuring enjoyment of the visitor at the same time.

Talk about education and entertainment mixed effectively!

There are three types of investigations offered to guests.

One is the "A House Collided" scene where comparison of fingerprints, examination of blood spatter and comparison of DNA are done in order to solve the victim's cause of death.

Another investigation scenario is the "Who Got Served?" scene where mobile phone evidence, handbag content examination and fingerprint inspection are performed in order to solve the murder mystery.

Last but definitely not the beats is the "No Bones About It" scene where a bullet killed the victim thus hair analysis, DNA sampling, dental record comparison and the like are essential in helping solve this crime.

You can stay as many hours as you want in the Exhibit though it must be noted that there should be enough space for everybody.

At the end of the day, investigators in this exhibit are made to submit their reports and analysis in the case that they chose at the office of the amorphous head of the CSI, similar to that in the TV show and the participant in the exhibit will receive a certificate as proof of attendance.

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