Orlando Wind Tunnel

Review: Destination - iFly Indoor Skydiving

iFly Indoor Skydiving,
Indoor Wind Tunnel
6805 Visitors Circle
Orlando, Fl 32819
407 903 1150
1 800 SKY FUN1

This fun venue, a vertical stationary structure visible from Universal Blvd and International Drive, offers a tweaked, stress free skydiving expeditions.

There is no jumping from an aircraft.

The tunnel is inspired and designed by actual skydiving disciplines and aerodynamics.

Propeller driven upward air lifts you off your feet, and keeps your body afloat within a safe environment.

Along with minimal muscle control and expert coaching, you will have a pleasant body flight within the round chamber at iFly Indoor Orlando.

The iFly adventure begins with the flight instructor's preflight safety briefing, to include hand signal lessons and techniques on way to maneuver.

Immediately after the class instructions, you are given a comfortable jump suit to slip into, as well as goggles, a helmet and earplugs.

Lockers are provided for personal items to be stored during your flight.

After each team member is geared up, the instructor takes the team to the flight wait area and wind tunnel for body flying.

Each flyer rotates through twice for an exciting one-on-one flight with the instructor.

The flights are one to two minutes of floating weightless sensation.

For both the novice and the professional, indoor body flying is a great experience. Weather conditions are not a problem.

The two, one minute flights are delights for any adrenaline aficionados.

It is a lifting good time to brag about long after your recreational flights. iFly is truly an unforgettable free fall event like no other, a great way to fly.

Visit I FLY Orlando - iFly Indoor Skydiving for a soaring good time.

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