Learning and Having Fun at the Marineland!

Marineland of Florida educates its visitors with it camps, facilities, performances and the like.

It is the the world's first oceanarium.

You can swim with the dolphins here for a lot less than Seaworld's Discovery Cove which is usually sold out 6 months in advance.

It is also a much closer alternative than driving all the way down to the Keys to swim with dolphins.

Some of the more popular programs are:

The Immersion
Participants will enjoy time with the dolphins in the shallow water as well as the unique opportunity of swimming with them in deep water.

Discover Dolphins
For 20 exhilarating minutes you will be in the water, experiencing first hand what it's like to be close to these incredible animals.

Dolphin Designs
Participants will choose up to three colors for the dolphin to paint on a canvas that the participant holds over the water.

Touch & Feed
Meet, greet and feed one of our amazing bottlenose dolphins in this fast-paced and exhilarating program.

you'll play a role in the activities that fill a marine mammal specialist's day, such as preparing meals, feeding animals, attending an animal training lecture, observing and tracking program behaviors, creating enrichment devices for dolphins, assisting in record keeping, and most importantly, encountering dolphins!

There is a sightseeing tour to Saint Augustine from Orlando & Kissimmee areas that makes a stop at Marineland .

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