Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Attraction Review:
By Joy Atkinson
(Summer Intern)

Ripley's is located right on International Drive in Orlando, Florida.

The building is looks aesthetically wrong.

One side is higher then the other.

It is in walking distance of most hotels in the area and trolley stop # 17 on the I ride green line.

The mere image I saw upon entering Ripley's will help prepare you for the things that you are about to behold.

Museum or Odditorium?

Ripley's is a museum that holds interesting spectacles.

Mr.Ripley has traveled all over the world collecting items that are just not normal, to put it nicely.

However, this does create an interesting learning experience for those of us who have never been to many countries, especially where a donkey is the main mode of transportation.

There are descriptions describing what everything is and the intriguing facts that are associated with them.

Some might even call these items and people freaks of nature, and maybe that is

why Mr. Ripley decided to display them to the world, because some things you just have to see to believe!


Upon entering, a holographic John Ripley is seated at his desk to welcome all into his museum.

He informed me of things to come and sights at which to gaze.

I think that if that was all that the museum offered that I would get tired of reading after the first 10 minutes.

However, there is much more then just reading and looking.

Interactive Attraction

There are interactive displays throughout the museum.

Some of these displays are broadening my thinking patterns and helping me think outside the box.

The one that got me the most was the gate that opened, yet not the typical way that a gate might open.

Then there are others that you just have to laugh at yourself afterwards for letting your environment make the best of you.

There were times that I was reading the interpretation of a piece and the myth behind it and they created the myth in the museum and for a moment it caught me off guard and I thought that it was actually happening. Expect the unexpected and be ready to smile, laugh, or just be glad that what you are looking at did not happen to you.


Word to the wise, fit this into your day when you have some down time.

This attraction is not going to take all day.

Also, there are some torturing devices that you might not want children to see.

There are plenty of hands on activities that would be much more fun for children.

Otherwise, prepared to see what you have never seen before!

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