Titanic Exhibit International Drive

RMS Titanic means different things people.

For those who grew up in the 90's, it is a movie that catapulted Leonardo DiCaprio into stardom.

For it unsuspecting passengers, it was the "Unsinkable" ship.

For its survivors, it was where they experienced the worst feeling in their lives.

The fact that it has been romanticized and turned into a movie means Titanic made a huge impact not only in the maritime industry but for the rest of the world as well.

While the actual ship may have sunk years ago, people these days can still have the chance to witness the sights, sound and even the temperature of Titanic on the night before it sank.

No, they are not re-making the movie and no, you do not have to be a stuntman or an actor just to experience it as you can always go to the Titanic, The Experience at 7324 International Drive.

This exhibit features full scale recreation of the actual rooms and interiors of the ship as it was especially redesigned by RMS Titanic Inc earlier this year.

This interactive museum is where visitors get to see the grand staircase where Rose held out her glove-covered hand to be kissed by a very neat Jack who is waiting for her to descend.

The parlour suite as well as the boiler's room is also present in this remake ship.

The location of the highly emotional scenes in the movie such as the Captain's Bridge and the Deck are also present.

However, it must be noted that the resigned that took place earlier this year gave the people behind RMS Titanic newer and never before seen artefacts fresh form the site where Titanic sank.

If you want to experience the traditional Dinner Event, Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days of the week to hit the place though it must be noted that on Saturdays, there is the special 100th Anniversary Dinner where guests can participate in the remake of Captain EJ Smith's retirement.

This five course meal is sure to fill your stomach with good food while you take part in an experience which is similar to no other unless of course, you

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