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Atlantis Rollover Celebration Explorer Package

Friday, November 2, 2012
Adult - $149
Child (ages 3-11) - $139


"Atlantis - Celebrate the Journey" will commemorate the Space Shuttle Atlantis' rollover from the Kennedy Space Center to its final destination for permanent display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

The event will highlight the past, present, and future of space exploration including the successful completion of the Space Shuttle Program, current NASA missions and launch programs, and the future of space exploration.

Atlantis will travel from KSC's Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the Visitor Complex, going through Space Florida's Exploration Park, a 65-acre undeveloped commercial park that will provide a festival-type setting for an all-day event on Friday, November 2.

Atlantis will provide the backdrop for a 360 degree photo opportunity and an array of current and next generation aerospace companies will be on hand to showcase current launch programs and the future of space exploration.

Food tents, retail, kid's activities and entertainment will be on site for guests to experience.

Approximately 4,000 public guests from the Visitor Complex will be bused to the site.

This is a historic event.

Regular admission tickets will not be accepted.

No discounts or third-party tickets will be accepted other than tickets sold through our pre-approved sightseeing tour operator.


Visitor Complex

Special activities and exhibits from NASA Centers around the country will be on site to display NASA's existing programs including the International Space Station and Mars Curiosity Rover and future space missions.

Human Exploration and Operations (HEO) Dome
Experience the exciting new era of Human Space Exploration inside a 50 foot geodesic dome. NASA is starting the next chapter of space exploration with commercial and international partners, advancing research and technology on the International Space Station, opening low earth orbit to US industry, and exploring the frontiers of deep space.

Astronaut Autograph Show
The Astronaut Autograph & Memorabilia Show is the nation's premier event for space fans! The "who's who" of space exploration from the Apollo and Shuttle programs will be ready and waiting to sign for you at the Kurt H. Debus Conference Facility, located right across from our famous Rocket Garden.

Each astronaut will have their own station with a number of high-quality, glossy photos available for purchase - though guests are invited to bring as much memorabilia as they'd like to be signed! Astronauts charge a fee for their autograph, and a price list will be published online at least 30 days prior to the show at www.AstronautScholarship.org.

A separate admission fee to the Memorabilia show applies. The cost is $15 per person and tickets can be purchased at the show.

Solar Observing and Solar Telescopes
Observe the sun using high-power telescopes with solar filters, guided by experts in the field. Learn about Heliophysics and NASA's STEREO program where two spaced-based observatories track solar storms.

Solar Sail Technology
Learn about a 13,000 square foot satellite in the shape of a sail powered by the sun.

NASA's Time Machines
NASA's Deep Space Telescopes allow scientists to look not only far into the distant reaches of the universe but also back in time. Find out how and learn more about these amazing machines.

Learn about Hubble, the observatory, the first major optical telescope to be placed in space, the ultimate mountain top. Above the distortion of the atmosphere, far above rain clouds and light pollution, Hubble has an unobstructed view of the universe.

James Webb Space Telescope
If you like the Hubble Space Telescope, you will love the James Webb Space Telescope. Learn about the telescope that will be like a TRANSFORMER in a space. Check out the interactive infrared camera.

The James Webb Space Telescope will be the premier observatory of the next decade. It will study every phase in the history of our Universe, first glows after the Big Bang, formation of solar systems capable of supporting life on planets like Earth, and the evolution of our own Solar System.

The telescope is the size of a tennis court and larger than the rocket launching it and will be folded like origami and will open in outer space like a transformer. The Webb Telescope will reside in an orbit about 1 million miles from the Earth.

VAB Crane Simulator
Test your skills on a computer simulator for the massive cranes of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Meet the International Space Station
Learn more about the ISS by exploring a scale model of this marvel of science and technology.

NASA/Shuttle Spinoffs
Explore this display of technologies created on the shuttle and now being used on Earth. Each technology's origin stems from some aspect of shuttle development, research, or mission.

Dynamic Planet: Satellite Imagery
Come explore the Earth, Sun, and Solar System on NASA's Dynamic Planet. Touch the screen to reveal NASA's latest and most exciting science and view the resulting data sets on the digital video globe.

Lunar Quest
Grab the joystick and join the Quest! Fly over the moon and explore the craters, mountains and plains in detail you have never imagined.

Flight Opportunities Program
Investigate NASA's research on new technologies. The Flight Opportunities Program enables U.S. industry to be a provider of cost-effective access to suborbital space where researchers can expose technologies to brief periods of weightlessness.

SOFIA Observatory
The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is a joint program of NASA and the German Aerospace Center. Learn about the world's largest airborne astronomical observatory complementing NASA's space telescopes as well as major Earth-based telescopes.

Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM)
Learn how the International Space Station's Dextre robot will prove how a robot could repair and refuel a satellite in space!

11am - 3pm/Exploration Park Event

Atlantis' 10-mile journey from the VAB atop the Orbiter Transportation System (OTS) will include a 4-hour stop within Space Florida's Exploration Park, a research and industrial park.

Atlantis will provide a unique backdrop for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

Space flight hardware and other launch support vehicles from the past, present, and future of space exploration will be on hand. Exhibitors will include NASA, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, SpaceX, and XCOR along with other aerospace industry giants.

A NASA ceremony is scheduled to celebrate this historic event.

Orion Crew Module and Service Module on KAMAG
View the flagship of our nation's next-generation space fleet, Orion, which is designed for deep space human exploration missions to destinations beyond low Earth orbit such as asteroids,

Lagrange points, or even Mars.

These Orion modules sit atop the 130,000 pound KAMAG.

The Orion Launch Abort System (LAS) will also be on display.

Space Flight Hardware and Support Vehicles
Check out and learn about historic space flight hardware and support vehicles including the Astronaut's escape vehicle - the Armored Personnel Carrier, Astronaut Van, Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) Hyster Lift, and NASA's Emergency Mobile Command Unit.

NASA's helicopter will perform several flyovers during the day.

FIRST Robotics
Local FIRST Robotic teams will be on hand for live robotics demonstrations.

These high school teams partner with NASA scientists and engineers on robotic design and engineering.

Ground Systems and Development Operations
Learn how NASA is building the infrastructure to transform Kennedy Space Center into a multi-user 21st Century Space Launch Complex.

Space Launch System (SLS)
The SLS is a Space Shuttle-derived heavy launch vehicle being designed by NASA.

Experts will be on hand to answer questions on the next generation of vehicles that will be exploring far into the Solar System.

Launch Services Program
Learn about NASA's Launch Services Program (LSP) whose job is to act as a broker, matching spacecrafts and rockets.

LSP is responsible for launching NASA's unmanned rockets that go to planets and observe the earth and the universe holding payloads that range from weather satellites to Mars Rovers.

Aerospace companies will be on hand to tell their story of powering space exploration.

Commercial Crew Program
A variety of models and displays will demonstrate how NASA is partnering with industry to build our future in space.

Educational Demonstrations
Join Kennedy Space Center educators for some fun interactive demonstrations that encourage greater understanding of the science of flight.

Make and launch your own paper rockets.

By Marie Ospina

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Atlantis Rollover Celebration Explorer Package
Runs : Friday, November 2

Adult age 12 + : $149

Child ages 3-11 : $139

Atlantis Rollover Celebration Explorer Package
Adult age 12 +
Child ages 3-11

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