In Style Limousine Tour
Tour # 10 C
Runs : Thursday

Travel Like a Celebrity

Spend an evening traveling like a celebrity aboard the Celebration in Style limo tour.

This tour will take you into the hearts of Old Town Kissimmee and Disney’s magical city of Celebration!

If you’re looking for a tour with a touch of class that will still allow you plenty of free time to spend in your destination cities, this very special limo tour is for you!

In Style Limousine
In Style Limousine Unique Shopping Area Old Town Ferris Wheel


City of Celebration

Built by the Walt Disney World Company as a community of tomorrow, Celebration is the one of Central Florida’s most beautiful and unique towns!

This picturesque city is filled with many boutiques and wonderful restaurants, including the popular Columbia Restaurant, which serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine on the shores of Celebration’s lake.

You will also find pizza, sushi, Thai, chocolate shops, and much more!

One of the greatest things about the in Style limousine tour is that you will have the flexibility to choose when and where to eat during your time in Celebration!

Old Town USA

After departing Celebration, your sleek limo will travel to Old Town Kissimmee, which features not only more than 75 unique shops and restaurants, but also family-friendly attractions like Go-Carts, carnival rides, laser tag, and zip-lining!

Feeling brave?

Then pay a visit to the brand new Legends: A Haunting at Old Town haunted house, which combines live actors and special effects to deliver some real scares to thrill-seekers!

At the end of the evening, the limo will return you safely to your hotel.

Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to explore two of Central Florida’s hidden gems in full luxury and style!

Seating is limited.

By Marie Ospina

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In Style Limousine Tour
Tour # 10C
Runs : Thursday

Adult $79
Child (Ages 3-9) $49


In Style Limousine Tour
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