Swamp Safari Tour

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The Monster Truck rides are a different way to explore what Florida has to offer.

When you take a ride on the world’s largest Monster Truck tour you also get the chance to explore a 2,500-acre citrus and cattle ranch from 12 feet up.

This tour is great for everyone from young children to older adults.

Once you have your ticket for your group there may be a few minutes to explore the grounds. Inside the gift shop you will find an abundance of treats.

Sample a few of the recently picked fruits and squeezed juices.

Before you head out of the shop grab a hot bowl of alligator soup and head through the rear door.

You’ll find a play area for children, hen house and animal farm just a few steps away.

Over 40 People Can Ride Through Swamps with You

When it’s close to your tour time make your way over to the platform just across the creek from the play area.

You can’t miss the outsized yellow and black monster trucks with their four foot wide tires.

These big boys can hold over 40 people!

Every seat offers a great view in the open air, covered truck.

As the truck loads, make you to get your camera ready for what’s to come.

You’re definitely in for an adventure.

Information Citrus & Farm Adventure

The driver’s have brains full of information about all things citrus and farm.

You’ll make your way through swampy areas and catch a glimpse of the farms first water truck, a 1951 relic partially hidden by overgrowth.

 As you trek on the trees will fall to the side and you see a lush, green field speckled with cattle.

Just as you think the truck is going to turn right on the beaten path the driver proceeds forward, directly in the path of the cattle.

The driver will stop the truck and make his way through the truck with a crate of citrus for everyone.

No, this is not a snack for you, its for the cattle.

Toss the fruit out to the calf or cow of your choice.

Be sure not to use this isn’t target practice, how would you feel if someone chucked a grapefruit at your head?

As you move along you will make your way through a swamp, recent rainfall means that the truck will go into almost three feet of water.

This is pretty exhilarating.

You almost feel as through you are floating during the swamp.

In warmer weather you may spot wild animals in and around the waters.

On the other side of the swamp there are a few other animals interested in a citrus snack; Watusis, Water Buffalos and a rogue cow or two.

You may even see a miniature donkey and Zebra roaming the grounds.

Upon returning to the Monster Truck parking area, remember that there are acres and acres of fresh fruit for you to pick

70 Varieties of Pesticide Free Citrus & Fruit to Pick Fresh

The farm and cattle ranch offer a bit more to explore.

They are also hosts to a ‘U-pick’ park. Oranges are Florida’s state fruit with good reason.

The first thing most of us think about when with hear of the fruit is Florida.

Here you can pick your own oranges, tangerines and other fruit.

Bags are available in the gift shop and mixing varieties is encouraged.

There are a plethora of varieties to choose from, everything from your classic valencia orange to red navel oranges and even the sweet pineapple oranges.

You can opt to purchase the pre-picked oranges and other citrus available in the gift shop if time is not on your side.

There are other delicacies to bring back home with you: raw honey, marinating sauces and natural soaps are all available for purchase.

When you take the Monster Truck ride you not only get a grand tour, you get many extras and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

Farmer John’s Country Store

Here is a list of some of the homemade specialties and sundry items available.

  • World famous Orange Juice Slushy
  • Fresh picked fruit from the grove
  • World Famous Creamsicle (made from fresh orange juice)
  • Specialty Jams & Marmalade
  • Preservative free sauces
  • Natural syrups
  • Pure honey
  • Fresh local vegetables (seasonal)
  • Unique beverages
  • Freshly baked goods
  • Soft serve ice cream
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Fresh fruit slushies
  • Hot boiled peanuts
  • Sun Burn & sunscreen products
  • Country charm items
  • Alligator souvenirs
  • Tee shirts, coolies, reusable bags, postcards, etc


  • Driver Gratuities
  • Fruit Purchases

Departs Orlando at approx. 1:30PM
Arrival at Showcase of Citrus at approx. 2:00PM
Depart Showcase of Citrus at approx. 4:00PM

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