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Clearwater Beach Shuttle Bus From Orlando Hotels

Tour # 17
Runs :Tuesday, Friday

Clearwater beach offers calm clear gulf waters, white sandy beaches, warm sunshine, and ample hospitality.

For a relaxing day away from the often jam packed theme park crowds hop on the Clearwater Beach bus.

Lunch is no longer included.

Enjoy the rest of your day working on your tan or take a leisurely walk on the beach.

Things to do in Clearwater Beach

Water Sport Activities

There are all type of watercraft that can be rented on Clearwater beach.

You'll be able to rent waverunners , parasail, jet ski or even your own boat!

Children can ride the waves on boogie boards.

Jolley Trolly

These historic street cars will take you to all the hot spots, restaurants and shops in the area.

A fun, unique and inexpensive way to get around Clearwater.

The trolley runs every 30 minutes.

Professional drivers are more than happy to assist with any questions you might have on the area.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

This non-profit organization is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured marine animals, public education, and animal-assisted therapy and research.

Stop by and visit Winter the bottlenose dolphin dolphin with a prosthetic tail.

Pier 60

The 1,080 foot concrete pier will give you an amazing view of Clearwater Beach.

Fishing rods and reels are available on the pier for rent.

There's a snack bar and kid's play area.


#ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours Pack or purchase a boogie board to float around on and potentially coast on a few waves. You can head out at least a 10-20 feet without reaching deep water. #ClearwaterBeach
#ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours Pack or purchase a boogie board to float around on and potentially coast on a few waves. You can head out at least a 10-20 feet without reaching deep water. #ClearwaterBeach
#ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours The waves on Clearwater Beach aren′t huge, but they′re perfect for splashing around with the little ones #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours The warm waters and white sand beaches are a great way to relax during the day. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours Dolphins are a fan favorite in Clearwater Beach. Try to spot as many of these colorful mammals as you can. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours Even the burgers at Cooters are big. Wash it all down with a cold Coke or beer at this great restaurant and bar. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours If seafood isn′t what you′re looking for they also offer great items like these nachos. They portions here are very generous. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours If you didn't pack your binoculars you can use the permanent ones on the pier. There is a shop halfway down the pier where you can get change if you forgot to pack your quarters. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours One street west of the main drag you'll find Cooters, a great seafood restaurant. Bring in your fresh catch and they'll prepare it for you! #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours Stroll along the beach with your family or have the family pose for some great photos from above.  #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours You feel like you're walking on water when you head walk along Pier 60 and look back toward the shoreline. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours You can test out your fishing skills while you're visiting the Gulf of Mexico. There are a number of fish here including Snook, Snapper, Cobia and SeaTrout. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours Make sure you follow the rules on Pier 60. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours A view from Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach looking North. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours Look at for the seagulls. While they can be pretty tame, as seen here, they love food. Sometimes they may even use the bathroom above your head! #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours There are a number of activities to partake in right on the beach. Bounce houses, slides and trampolines are among the few of the options. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours You can take a stroll on Pier 60 and enjoy the elevated views of the beach. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours As you cross the causeway you are greeted by palm trees and Clearwater Beach signage. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours There is a green patch just before the beach that is perfect for picnics if you don't want to get sand in your food. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours The bay water flow directly under the causeway bridge leading into Clearwater Beach. If you're lucky you"ll see a dolphin or two swimming by. #ClearwaterBeach #OrlandoSightseeingTours The main drag on Clearwater is full of restaurants. There are also a number of great eats on the smaller street located one block from the beach.

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Grayline Trip to Clearwater Review by Ada Ospina

My trip to Clearwater was great!

The transportation to and from the beach was in an 18 or so passenger van.

I was traveling alone and there were about a dozen other passengers in total.

I decided to board the bus at the grocery store at Crossroads, just outside of the Downtown entrance of Walt Disney World.

The grocery store is a bit overpriced so you may want to pick up snacks the night before or pay $4 for a small pack of cookies.

While it’s okay to eat and drink on the bus you should keep your fellow passengers in mind.

Chewing on granola loudly or eating a sausage biscuit may bother others within the confines of the van.

The driver spoke with everyone as they boarded and provided us with a bit of information on the areas we were passing through.

When we traveled over the final bridge to get to Clearwater Beach the driver pointed out the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

 A few other passengers and I planned to head over there once we disembarked.

We arrived at an outdoor shopping plaza directly across the street from the beach where the driver explained the return process and pointed out the nearby restrooms that were available to us.

Take down the drivers cell phone number, which they happily give you, in case something goes awry.

The journey back to Orlando/Lake Buena Vista took a bit longer thanks to afternoon traffic, but this is common and to be expected.

Take a nap, share your day with the other passengers or just watch the land pass by through your window.

On busier days there may be coach buses that make the journey, but I’ve traveled to Clearwater Beach on a large van.

The return trip took about 2 hours, which wasn’t so bad considering that fact that I did not have to personally sit behind the wheel.

At the end of the tour you can provide your feedback to the driver on a survey (you can leave it anonymous) so they can better it for other or hear how you enjoyed your trip. Everything went off without a hitch and the service was great!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is the excursion?
11 hours

What's the Timetable?
Times are approximate and based on traffic conditions
Departs Orlando 8:45am
Arrive Clearwater 11am
Depart Clearwater 5pm
Arrive Orlando 7pm

What is included?
Round-trip transportation to Clearwater Beach
Lunch at the Post Corner Pizza and Restaurant can be added for $11 per person.
Lunch options vary in scope from Greek to Italian to American with special recipes unlike any other in the area, and only the freshest of ingredients.
More Info

What is not included?
Food, drink or gratuities.
Sunset view due to 4:30 pm departure time.

Pick Up Schedule


By Marie Ospina

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Clearwater Beach Shuttle Bus Tickets
Runs :Tuesday, Friday

With Lunch
Adult age 12 + : $76
Child ages 3-11 : $76

Without Lunch
Adult age 12 + : $65
Child ages 3-11 : $65

Clearwater Beach Shuttle Bus Tickets
Adult age 12 +
Child ages 3-11
Select Date
Include Lunch Option?

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