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Cocoa Beach Launch

NASA's space shuttle fleet began setting records with its first launch on April 12, 1981 and continued to set high marks of achievement and endurance through 30 years of missions.

Starting with Columbia and continuing with Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour, the spacecraft has carried people into orbit repeatedly, launched, recovered and repaired satellites, conducted cutting-edge research and built the largest structure in space, the International Space Station.

The final space shuttle mission, STS-135, ended July 21, 2011 when Atlantis rolled to a stop at its home port, NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

July 8
Adult $75
Child $65
Children rates apply ages 3 - 12

Want to avoid the crowds at Kennedy Space Center?

 Why fight the traffic?

On every launch date there will be extremely heavy traffic all along the east coast of Florida near the Space Center complex.


Our Cocoa Beach launch viewing of launch viewing of Space Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis is recommended for families with children, or people that are not interested in tackling the crowds at the Kennedy Space Center yet still want to view the space shuttle launch.

 We will drop off / pick up near by the 'Ron Jon Surf Shop' and from there you will have the opportunity to spend the day relaxing on the beach, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and just enjoying your day.


A packed lunch box is included for you to enjoy picnic style on the beach!


 Then by looking North up the coast to Cape Canaveral you may see the space shuttle lift off in all it's glory.

It's a great way to enjoy a beach day during your vacation as well as have a good view of the space shuttle lift off - you are approx 12 miles away viewing up the coast as it takes off over the Atlantic Ocean - it is a great view.

This tour is being sold as a day at the beach - it the space shuttle cancels there will be no refunds of the tour. There are no cancellations within 72 hours of the tour.

Package includes round trip transportation from the Orlando area and a pack lunch. Children ages 3-12.

Leave the driving to us and get a prime piece of Cocoa Beach real estate from which to view the launch.

Trying to find a good location on your own will be extremely difficult.

Cocoa Beach Orbiter Atlantis Launch Viewing
Runs : July 8 Available

Adult age 13 + : $75

Children Ages 3-12 : $65

By Marie Ospina

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Cocoa Beach Launch
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