Kennedy Space Center Sightseeing Tour From Orlando

The Kennedy Space Center sightseeing tour from Orlando includes a professional driver guide and round trip transportation from hotels along International Drive, Kissimmee and Disney areas.

Kennedy Space Center
Tour: #1
Runs: Daily
Adult Age 12 +: $157
Child Age 3-11: $137
Transportation Only: $79

Kennedy Space Center Guided Tour
Tour: #1A
Runs: Wednesday & Saturday
Adult Age 12 +: $219
Child Age 3-11: $199
Group Size Minimum 1 - Maximum 12

Visit the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex to learn everything about space travel!

Once there guests will receive a short video presentation followed by a welcome meet and greet by an ASTRONAUT!

The Astronaut will welcome our guests to the Kennedy Space Center and give them some hints and tips of ways to ensure they enjoy their day.

There is no charge for this astronaut meet and greet.

If for any reason the meet and greet cannot be provided on a specific date there would be no refund for not receiving the meet and greet.

U.S. Astronaut Hall Of Fame

Founded in 1990, it is 37,500 square feet and is currently overseen by the Mercury Seven and U.S. Space Came foundations.

The Hall of Fame is also home to the largest collection of astronaut personal memorabilia, along with space suits and other artifacts from earlier space missions.

Counting down to liftoff of NASA’s early space programs inspired a nation to reach for the stars. Discover what it means to be a hero through the stories of NASA’s space pioneers at Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S Astronaut Hall of Fame® presented by Boeing®.

A Beautiful Planet 3D

Discover views of Earth from space in A Beautiful Planet, the newest IMAX 3D documentary film. Featuring footage of Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) and narrated by actress Jennifer Lawrence, images of our magnificent blue planet demonstrate the effects humanity has had on it over time in this film captured by the astronauts aboard the ISS

Journey to Space

Journey to space through stunning imagery and interviews with NASA astronauts Chris Ferguson, commander of the final shuttle mission, and Serena Aunon, newly chosen for future flights. Narrated by film and television legend Sir Patrick Stewart, Journey To Space gives an overview of NASA's past space accomplishments, current activities and future plans.

NASA Bus Tour

The NASA Bus tour guides you all over NASA's facilities and featured spots.

The NASA Bus Tour is the best way to view all of the major highlights of the Kennedy Space Center.

The informative tour guide leads you to the major sites.

Stops include the Kennedy Space Center, Rocket Garden, U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, Space Shuttle Atlantis display, Shuttle Launch headquarters and more.

These stops will provide an in-depth overview of the U.S. space program from past to present.

You'll also be able to view priceless rockets, shuttles, modules, space suits and transport vehicles used on various space missions over the past 50 years.

Other highlights of the tour include excellent photo opportunities of the space center and launch pads.

Kennedy Space Center Small Group VIP Experience

With additional time at Kennedy Space Center and a morning accompanied by one of our knowledgeable Tour Guides, you'll feel like a VIP!

Your tour guide will give you an overview of the visitor complex upon arrival, highlights of Heroes and Legends, the Atlantis exhibit (containing the Shuttle Launch Simulator), and even a stop at the IMAX theater.

You will be on your own at midday to get some lunch and ride the KSC behind-the-scenes tour to the Atlas V building, where you will be able to touch an actual moon rock! You can use your $15 voucher to purchase meals in dining areas and souvenirs from the world's largest space shop.

This day allows you to spend the most time at Kennedy and is ideal for first-time and repeat visitors! Save time at Kennedy Space Center by skipping the repeated pick-ups and drop-offs.

A warm welcome from your driver on a  Kennedy Space Center specialty coach bus
The driver will have a packet for you, which includes your tickets to Kennedy Space Center.
A warm welcome from your driver on a Kennedy Space Center specialty coach bus Kick your feet up using the footrest and recline your seats as you watch a great refresher video on NASA and the space program Your guide is there to snap a few memorable photos for you before you enter this highly interactive, multilevel exhibit. Kennedy Space Center welcomes young ask a ask you to EXPLORE Once inside you and the rest of your group are met by a countdown clock that ticks away. The actual space shuttle Atlantis in all her glory! Even without G-Force you get excited when you sit in the Captain's seat After a trip into space, you can test your own skills at landing the orbiter and operating different components. Take a Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour around the Launch Control Center and the Apollo/Saturn V Center The Shuttle Launch Experience gives you all the sights and sounds of a space shuttle launch. There are tons of options to choose from at the Orbit Cafe.


Grayline Tour of Kennedy Space Center Review by Ada Ospina

I’ve always loved space travel and was very excited to get to visit Kennedy Space Center.

In the morning we boarded a coach bus with a fully functional restroom.

There weren’t very many people on the bus so we were able to choose whichever seats we wanted.

With a map and tickets in hand we had a seat and got ready for the ride.

As coach buses can be cooler at times you should think about bringing a sweater or small blanket to keep warm if you chill easily.

You can leave it on the bus during the day.

You also may want to bring a snack for the trip.

The journey to Kennedy was just over an hour long and we got the chance to watch a movie on the way to the space center.

We watched Dolphin Tale, which was a treat for me since I’d never seen the movie.

Once we were at Kennedy the driver got off the bus and enter the park with us.

We were treated to our own special welcome and got to meet and hear from an astronaut.

She freely answered any questions we had about her time in space.

After the meet and greet we proceeded, with the driver (who basically became our guide), to the Atlantis Shuttle exhibit.

Our driver happily took photos for us with our phone and camera outside the building where there is a life-size shuttle.

He did the same for other passengers before entering the building.

As we entered the queue, which has a countdown clock to your lift-off, he bid us farewell and explained that we would see him at 5pm to return to Orlando.

The rest of the day at the center is self-guided, which I prefer because I can decide which exhibits I’d like to see and when.

Once it was time to depart we went back to the bus and were happily greeted by our driver.

On the return trip we got the chance to watch most of Star Trek (a newer film), which I had also not seen before.

My tip to others taking this trip is to ask your driver for any tips he or she has that could avoid wait times and exhibits that you shouldn’t miss.

Thankfully we were at the center on a slower day, when school was not in session.

Overall it was a great day at Kennedy and the bus trip was much better than I’ve experienced in other cities and countries.

The movies were an extra treat.

Star Rating: 5 Rating

Trip Advisor Review By Bree Gray

We were picked up at the Swan Hotel by Mike our driver.
He is such an amazing person! Gave us great tips on how to see as much as possible while at the space center.
When we got there he walked us through the security and into a building and had a special surprise for us.
We went into a room and got a good morning and welcome from Jake Lousma(a real astronaut!) and then we were free to go about our day.
At the end of an amazing day Mike was there to take us back.

Star Rating: 5 Rating

Trip Advisor Review By J. Houbrechts

Thanks gray line for a wonderful Day.
Our guide Julie was amazing!!
She is a star in the bus.
Our trip was great.
Our trip to Kennedy space center was perfect organized!
I can recommend this trip.

Star Rating: 5 Rating

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is the excursion?
10 hours

What time do we arrive and return to Orlando?
Times are approximate and based on traffic conditions
Departs Orlando at approx: 8.45AM
Arrive KSC Visitor Complex at approx. 10.00AM

Depart KSC at approx. 4:00PM if the guest wishes to go to the Astronaut Hall of Fame (not on Mondays / Thursdays)
Arrival at AHOF (Astronaut Hall of Fame) at approx. 16:15PM
Depart KSC Visitor Complex.
17:30PM or 5pm dependent on closure time of facility.
OR depart AHOF at approx. 5:15pm - 5:45PM dependent of closure time of facility; guests choice.

What is included?
Round-trip Transportation
Admission Ticket
Narrated & Guided Tour of Visitors Center
Astronaut Meet and Greet
NASA Bus Tour
2 Imax Theatres
Visit to the Astronaut Hall of Fame

What is not included?
Food, drinks (readily available at the KSC Complex) & gratuities.

Pick Up Schedule


Kennedy Space Center
Tour: #1
Runs: Daily
Adult Age 12 +: $157
Child Age 3-11: $137
Transportation Only: $79

Kennedy Space Center Guided Tour
Tour: #1A
Runs: Wednesday & Saturday
Adult Age 12 +: $219
Child Age 3-11: $199
Group Size Minimum 1 - Maximum 12

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