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DAY TRIPS / Discovery STS-135

Regular Launch Viewing - Kennedy Space Center! Tour # 25
Runs : July 8
(Limited Availabilty)

Adult $139
Child $119
Children rates apply ages 3 - 12


View a Space Shuttle Launch on site at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center!

This is the best view possible presently available for the anticipated shuttle launch.
The Visitor Complex will host a limited number of guests to view the launch from inside the park.
Admission ticket to the Kennedy Space Center.
2 day ticket valid for 1 week from launch date.


rocket-gardenA scenic area by the historic Rocket Garden will have a fun festival setup featuring Astronaut Appearances and Live audio and video feeds of the latest launch news.

You will have a beautiful view of the Space Shuttle immediately after it has cleared the tree line following initial lift-off.



visitors-center-launch-view The launch viewing area is a field with standing room only, you are free to bring blankets and umbrella style collapsible chairs however folding lawn chairs are not permitted.
Be aware that security at the Visitor Complex entrance will be thorough.
All bags will be checked and no questionable items will be permitted.
This includes any pocketknives, mace/pepper spray, scissors, box cutters or anything the guests may have in their possession that could be construed as a weapon.

The checking of bags takes time so you are encouraged to limit the items you carry whenever possible in order to minimize your wait time.

Historically it can take up to 2 hours to get through security so we ask you travel light to ensure fastest possible service by the KSC security team.

No Items will be allowed to be left on the buses and storage at KSC is not available.

A KSC Admission ticket will be provided for entrance into Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

There will be no refunds of tickets if the shuttle cancels on the day of the tour.

Please remember launch day will be very busy so expect crowds and lines however, should the launch lift off, you can expect to see a once in a lifetime event!

Reservation confirmation is required.
Failure to do so may result in loss of tour.

Your pick up details will then be arranged and confirmed.
If the launch cancels on launch day the ticket will be classed as used.

Please do not plan your vacation solely on the Shuttle Launches,as the dates and times are subject to change without notice.

Space Shuttle Cancellation Policy:


Upon on-line reservation confirmation of orders will be sent via email.

You bear all responsibility for providing a current and accurate delivery address.

In regards to the STS 135 Space Shuttle Launch Viewing at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center, GLOGT shall issue tickets in advance for the tours. GLOGT shall determine, in its sole discretion, the method of delivering tickets, including without limitation registered mail, certified mail and/or couriers such as FedEx or UPS, which delivery shall be at Customers sole cost and expense.

GLOGT does not deliver tickets to any hotels, motels or other transitory residence.

However, any Customer may choose to pick-up tickets at GLOGT office, which address is identified on this Website minimum 3 days prior to tour day, however there will be no refund of the shipping and handling fee.

No refunds or exchanges are allowed for lost deliveries resulting from an improper address. Customers agree to pay all costs to change a delivery address once the order is placed, and GLOGT will automatically charge you this amount without additional notification.

GLOGT accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen tickets.

For tour and tickets with validity dates, tickets will not be replaced or exchanged prior to or after the expiration date or tour date for any reason. Please note that some orders may require express shipping with a signature requirement to ensure a timely and secure delivery. GLOGT is not responsible for the actions of the US Postal Service, Federal Express or United Parcel Service.

NO P.O. Boxes.

If the launch reschedules the day prior to its targeted date, there is a $55 bus reschedule fee, it the launch reschedules on launch day, there is a $55 reschedule / reuse fee. Reschedule bus transports need to be booked directly with us.

if you can not attend a launch, you can pass/sell your tickets as you wish, however we will not change the pick-up locations / names in our system. Bookings cannot be amended, changed or cancelled once confirmed with us as we will start to process their boarding passes and process the shipping of boarding passes and tickets.

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