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Pirate Ship Black Raven Adventure Tour
Tour # 14 B
Runs : Monday & Thursday
Adult age 12 + : $85
Child ages 3-11 : $75

Black Raven Adventure Tour No Longer Available

The Pirate Ship Black Raven is located at the Saint Augustine Municipal Marina, 111 Avenida Menedez St.Augustine Fl 32084.

Ship ahoy! Embark onto the seaworthy Black Raven for an eventful adventure.

The ship is easy to find, brightly painted and docked south of the Bridge of Lions.

Climb aboard for a beautiful scenic cruise with an exciting live pirate show.

This will surely heighten your stay on Florida's historical coast.

Enjoy this sightseeing-sailing adventure.

It will take you back in time, to an era when pirates ruled the seven seas with gusto and swagger.

The live show is one of its kind, contains spirited buccaneer songs, sing-alongs, jigs, tales of piracy, and a little shenanigans (skits).

Aye! There is pirate talk galore, and stories about the impressive seafaring life style, in addition to accounts about St. Augustine's significant past and survival.

Guest participates in present-day courtesies of the sea.

The whole group shouts out, agreed upon cheers in chorus to passing vessels.

Afloat, you sail along, delight in the breeze, and keep vigil as you drift by points of interest unfolding on shore.

Guest will have a clear view of some prominent landmarks.

A few particular interesting sites are:

The Bridge of the Lions (1926) connects downtown Saint Augustine to Anastasia Island.bridge of the lions





The Saint Augustine Lighthouse (1876) is 165 feet above sea level, has 219 steps.lighthouse st augustine




It is painted red, white and black. It is an active lighthouse.

Castillo de San Marco, a fortress, the city's first defense build between 1672-1695, made of coquina shells; architecturally unique. castillo san marco

Each structure shares some eye-opening, larger that life past of pillaging, plundering, looting, dangers and mysteries.

The Black Raven's captain and crew are captivating, able-bodied seamen.

Shipmates are professional, gentlemen of fortune and dress the part smartly.

Ship decor is clever, the overflowing treasure chest sets the stage properly.

The cruise time is 90 minutes on the Matanza Bay.

Her galley is full of light snacks, and a bar is available.

Guest will treasure memories of this unique sightseeing voyage aboard the long after you disembark from the Pirate Ship Black Raven.

The sailing is comfortable and relaxing.

This attraction is perfect entertainment for the whole family, birthdays, weddings, treasure hunts, corporation team building, as well as being a gem for pirate enthusiasts.
Arrr! Landlubbers welcome.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is the excursion?
11 hours

What is included?
Round-trip transportation
Boat Ride on the Black Raven Pirate Ship

What is not included?
Food, drink or gratuities

Pirate's Boat Cruise:
Adult age 12 + : $85
Child ages 3-11 : $75

By Marie Ospina

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