Saint Augustine Sightseeing Tour

St. Augustine Day Trip
Tour: #14
Runs: Monday, Friday
Adult Age 12 + : $85
Child Age 3-11 : $75

St. Augustine Day Trip WIth Road Train Tour
Tour: #14A
Runs: Monday, Friday
Adult Age 12 + : $109
Child Age 3-11 : $94

St. Augustine With Scenic Boat Cruise
Tour: #14B
Runs: Monday, Friday
Adult Age 12 + : $99
Child Age 3-11 : $89

Tour beautiful Saint Augustine, located on Florida's Historic Coast.

This charming destination is well-known as the "oldest continuously occupied European-established" settlement in North America.

Spanish explorer and admiral, Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles claimed Florida for Spain in 1565.

There is so much history packed into St. Augustine, FL that you cannot afford to miss a trip there if you have a free day in your schedule.

The day trip and scenic cruise are a great way to explore the city.

It's also worth considering a trolley pass to get around during your trip.

With these two add-ons you will be able to see St. Augustine from the water and get a get a guided tour of the city without having to pack your running shoes.

The coach bus ride is two-hour scenic and peaceful journey to the northeast corner of Florida. Televisions onboard will play a feature film.

With so much history and its unique culture there are more than enough options to fill your day with.

With the help of the trolley system you explore more of the city.

You can check out the Ripley's Believe It or Not! and within minutes be at the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in the United States.

The options are endless.

If you need to stop for a meal, you will find that you can find almost anything there.

A few steps from Castillo de San Marcos you will come across a yellow house with an Irish flag raised, it's Ann O'Malley's.

They offer delicious made to order sandwiches and Irish fare.

If you are looking for fresh seafood there are a number of great options along the bay to look into including Santa Maria, which is located on a 200-year-old landing.

Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos was built to protect and defend Spain's claims in the New World.

Though caught in the whirlwinds of colonial warfare and intrigue, it was never defeated in battle.

The city is a mix of old colonial Spanish neighborhoods and extravagant period buildings, glorious museums and awe-inspiring churches.

It is the perfect combination of old and new world.

Ancient city, Saint Augustine offers a variety of marvelous sights, engaging activities.

Take a stroll on through the historic walking mall located on Saint George Street.

Here you can find an assortment of speciality gift shops, unique antique stores, alluring art galleries, quaint boutiques, antiquarian bookstores and many one-of-the-kind establishments.

Indulge in a tasty meal between shopping and browsing.

There are eateries galore.

You will discover that the local cuisine is extremely diverse; from southern-style to Greek, and everything in between.

Select between casual to elegant dining among the many restaurants, outdoor cafes, authentic pubs, lively taverns, inn and more.

Service is impeccable and friendly wherever you decide to go.

Mingle with the local artists, browse the galleries, shop for unique gifts. as you wander the cobblestone streets of this historic city.

There is something in this lively district for young and old alike.

Trolley Train Ride (Upgrade)

Leave the mall and climb aboard an open-air trolley (optional tour upgrade) or train for an interesting sightseeing tour.

You can add the Old Town Trolley when you purchase your trip.

You will find placards near their stops with many in almost same location and you can expect one to show up every 10-15 minutes.

The very informative drivers are great at weaving the tales of the city as they wind through the old, narrow streets.

This trip covers with over 100 milestones and points of interest.

While on the trolley you will be transported to various points of interest and possibly learn something along the way.

Stops are made at 22 remarkable landmarks.

For instance, did you know that St. Augustine is currently the only city with a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd that was actually marched on by the civil rights activist?

It's true!

A few of the other stops include the authentic old jail (1891), the oldest store museum experience, the oldest drug store (1739), the oldest wooden school house (1704), the oldest surviving Spanish colonial house (1565).

Also, a stop at old senator, a 600 year old oak tree, which is a living proof to Ponce De Leon's finding Florida in 1513.

On the stop at Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, and you can have a drink from the world famous fountain.

Expect to hear interesting tales of the past about Native Americans, Spanish conquistadors, British privateers, French mayhem, slaves trade and colonial life.

Here you can step back in time, watch live re-enactments and canon firing.

The narrations are vey entertaining, informative and humorist at times.

Do try to catch a glimpse of the cannon ball stuck in the outer wall of a colonial home.

Near the old city gates is the haunted Huguenot cemetery (1821 yellow fever).

The story of Judge Stickney's (d. 1882) unfriendly spirit wandering the ground or perching from a tree is quite haunting.

There is another story about a little girl who succumbed to yellow fever, after she lost her family to the same plague.

It is said that she still plays and welcome visitors to Saint Augustine at the old city gates.

Victory III Scenic Boat Cruise (Upgrade)

Another tour upgrade is the tour of the Matanzas Bay aboard the Victory III, a scenic cruise ship.

You can relax on the open-air upper deck or the fully enclosed lower deck.

Your Captain will provide a fully narrated tour as you make your way around the bay.

Have your camera ready; there are areas in the bay that dolphins are known to frequent.

They enjoy riding alongside the boats.

See the Castillo de San Marcos from the water, the Bay of Matanzas and the lighthouse from this fully narrated tour.

The fully equipped boat has ample seating so there is always a place to sit.

The snack bar offers a wide variety of items, including beer and wine.

If you forgot to use the restroom before you boarded, no worries, there are restrooms available on the lower deck.

Los Floridanos is a term used to describe children born to Spanish settlers between 1565-1763. There is a tribute to these immigrants in historic St. Augustine. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeing
Los Floridanos is a term used to describe children born to Spanish settlers between 1565-1763. There is a tribute to these immigrants in historic St. Augustine. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeing
The Castillo de San Marcos is located in the historic St. Augustine district. It is also the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. It since on the shores of the Mantanzas Bay. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum will transport you back to a time when pirates actively sailed the waters off the coast of Florida. The museum is filled with artifacts and scenes from this wrinkle in time. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe ARCADE of Professional Artisans and Craftsmen is a lovely stopover during your St. Augustine day trip. The arcade is filled with quality items that were made with you, the consumer, in mind. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe courtyard of the Old School House has busts dedicated to historic figures from around the world. A short statement regarding this honor is inscribed on each monument. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe Old School House is the oldest school in the United States. The old building is filled with items from years past when the building was frequented by school children. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe center of the historic district includes lots of older buildings and attractions to explore. Take time to check out the history here. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingAna O'Malley's Pub is a great place to stop in for a bite. If you want to stay a bit longer you can rent a room directly above the restaurant. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingSt. Augustine is also home to the first Ripley′s Believe it Or Not in the work. The building it is housed in was originally a residence. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe St. Francis Barracks are also along the trolley route. The location was originally used to convert Native Americans to Christianity. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingAboard the trolley you come across places like the Ximenez-Fatio House. If you come across a place you want to visit just ask the driver to let you off at the nearest stop. The trolley runs frequently and you won't wait to long before another trolley rolls along. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingWhen you wander through this historic city you may come across people dressed in traditional attire from 350+ years ago. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe Market Place location in historic St. Augustine is a great place to take a stroll and there are also vendors that still operate in this space. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe shoreline in historic St. Augustine is speckled with many old, colonial style buildings. Many of them also have a Spanish flare. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThe boat tour takes you under the Bridge of Lions. You'll pass by the pirate ship that is docked near the bridge. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingAboard the Victory III you can sit on the open deck and enjoy panoramic views of the city. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingTake a water tour of St. Augustine aboard the Victory III. This 90 minute trip can be booked with your day trip package. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins swimming alongside the boat. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingIf you opt into the trolley ride you will be able to ride around in one of the Red Trains that drives along the streets of At. Augustine. The drivers also share very interesting information about the sites you pass. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingYou can either choose to take the trolley around the city or stroll down the old streets. To the right you will notice a very old cemetery with tombstones that date back hundreds of years. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeingThis comfortable coach bus is your ride to and from Old St. Augustine from the Orlando area. It's outfitted with comfy seats, TVs and a restroom. #St.Augustine #OrlandoSightseeing

Grayline Trip to St. Augustine

By Ada Ospina

This was a pretty long haul to St. Augustine and I’m glad I didn’t have to drive myself.

The trip there is pretty straightforward, mostly highway driving until you enter the St. Augustine area.

I wanted to preserve my energy for a day of exploration through this lovely old town so I took a nap on the journey to Northeast Florida.

A movie may have been shown on the coach bus, but I definitely missed it.

The coach bus I rode on had a working bathroom and the bus wasn’t very full so I jumped on the back row of seats and laid down for a nap.

We arrived about 3 hours later and went to the welcome center.

Once in the welcome center we picked up our trolley passes.

I opted for the trolley pass so I could get a moving tour of the city and get from point to point quickly.

You get a trolley specific sticker that allows you to travel around the city with ease.

The center was also our meeting point for the afternoon return to Orlando.

If you are taking the trolley from here you can just head to one of the stops and within a few minutes a trolley will pull up and whisk you away.

I also opted into the boat trip and those of us that were taking the boat trip re-boarded the bus and the driver drove us to the dock that we would be traveling from.

Before he left us he reminded us of our meeting location and time.

The boat tour was a great way to see the city from the water and learn more about the city, the oldest in the United States of America.

The captain pointed our different points of interest including a dolphin jumping alongside the boat.

That was very cool!

FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is the excursion?
11 hours

What's the Schedule?
Times are approximate and based on traffic conditions
Departs Orlando 7:45am
Arrive St. Augustine's 10am
Depart Clearwater 4pm
Times are subject to change on tour.

What is included?

What is not included?
Food, drink or gratuities

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St. Augustine Day Trip
Tour: #14
Runs: Monday, Friday
Adult Age 12 + : $85
Child Age 3-11 : $75

St. Augustine Day Trip WIth Road Train Tour
Tour: #14A
Runs: Monday, Friday
Adult Age 12 + : $109
Child Age 3-11 : $94

St. Augustine With Scenic Boat Cruise
Tour: #14B
Runs: Monday, Friday
Adult Age 12 + : $99
Child Age 3-11 : $89

Saint Augustine Sightseeing Tour

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