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Sea Life Safari Nature Cruise
Tour #11
Runs : Discontinued

Sea Life Safari Nature Cruise

Sea Life Cruise can now only be booked directly with the Clearwater Aquarium!

This exciting Sea Life Cruise starts off with an exciting 2 hour cruise into the beautiful intercostal waters aboard the Sea Life Safari.

The Intercostal is teeming with all types of marine life.

Have you camera's ready to capture dolphins frolicking before your very eyes!

They've been known to jump and swim behind the wakes generated by the boat.

Catch up close views of sea birds and marine life native to the area.

You'll actually get an up close view of a protected bird sanctuary.

Depending on the season your likely to encounter seals, porpoises, dolphins & basking sharks.

In Spring & Summer the cliff formations are teeming with Guillemots, Cormorants, Razorbills & Oystercatchers.

Tour Overview

Trawl Net

The Sea Life Safari is the only licensed ship to trawl for marine life.

Staff will do a pull a trawl net gathering small fish including puffer fish, file fish, pin fish, horseshoe crab, starfish and other fascinating sea life.

The net runs through the water for three minutes, scooping up whatever sea life is in the water at the time.

A marine biologist will talk about everything caught before these sea creatures are released back into the water.

Kids and adults alike will love this one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience!

Compass Island Shelling

A Sea Life Safari guide will give you a narrated tour on this stunning ride to this deserted barrier island.

On Compass Island, we'll do some more exploring and shell collecting.

You get to see, touch, hold, film, photograph a variety of different plants that are native to the Clearwater area.

By Marie Ospina

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