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This Excursion is no Longer Available

Swim With DolphinsFirst we head to Miami Bayside Marketplace (packed breakfast will be served en-route) where guests will have some free time to look around the stores or take in opt to ride the Island Queen Boat around Star Island before we take a short journey over to the Miami Seaquarium where the Dolphin Swim will be held.

Participants have the unique opportunity to take part in this exciting new program which is designed to teach about the physiology, behavior and natural history of dolphins in an experience not available through printed pages, film or television. Swim With DolphinsGuests will be able to not only SEE with their eyes, but also, TOUCH with their hands and LEARN with their minds what the dolphin is all about. Join the Miami Seaquarium Marine Mammal Training Staff for an exciting two-hour program that offers an insightful glance at dolphin behavior - up-close. Uncover interesting facts about these extraordinary animals, then slip into one of our wetsuits and follow trainers into the water for a one-on-one interaction with a dolphin!

Swim With DolphinsThe Swim With Our Dolphins Program is an educational two-hour experience. As part of the program you will receive a brief tour of Miami Seaquarium®, a presentation by an animal trainer, followed by a question and answer session. After, you will be given time to suit up and prepare for your dolphin interaction.

Twelve Participants will be split into two groups and accompanied by trainers to the Flipper Lagoon. Your interaction will include: feeding, touching and training sessions. You will also be able to take "rides" with our dolphins across the lagoon. Once guests have finished there dolphin interaction program they will journey to South Beach Miami, where they will have some free time to take in dinner and the sights before boarding the vehicle back to Orlando. We will arrive back at approximately 11pm.

Swim With Dolphins

Please note these important restrictions for the dolphin swim-

The minimum height requirement is 52" for both children and adults (no exceptions). 52" = 4'4" = 132cm Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian (they will not need to enter the water).

This program is not available to expectant mothers

All Participants that are going in the water must be able to read and understand English or provide a translator who will be in the water with them.

Images are used with permission Miami SeaQuairum.

By Marie Ospina

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