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New Zipline Safari & Swamp Buggy Tour

Introducing Florida's First and Only Zipline!

zipline glide See the wilds of Forever Florida like never before - from high up in the treetops. Our new Zipline Safari will take you on a two and a half hour adventure like none other, reaching heights of 55 feet and speeds up to 20 mph.

You'll sail above it all on this breathtaking aerial nature tour - a network of cables designed to send thrill-seekers flying through Pine Flatwoods and over wetlands and prairie, home to native Florida wildlife including alligators, black bears, white tail deer and the endangered Florida Panther.

eco safari Zip through Forever Florida
You'll start with a short hike along a scenic section of the Florida Trail, one of only eight National Scenic Trails in the US, as you head toward the launching point of the zipline course. Led by an expert guide, you'll "zip" among the trees from platform to platform along a system of seven high-tension cables.

The breathtaking aerial view of the wilderness will be the perfect vantage point to spot wildlife and learn about Florida's ecology and history. Adding to the adventure, the course includes two sky-bridges passing over a slough, a type of forested wetland.

The final zip brings you to ground level near our animal interactions area which features a puma, a close relative of the endangered Florida panther, alligators and other animals. Spend some time with them and then catch the next safari coach transport back to the visitor center.forever florida

Includes Swamp Buggy Safari

Designed For Excitement!
  • Safari consists of 7 "zips" and 2 sky- bridges over 3 different ecosystems
  • Dual line setup
  • Duration - 2 1/2 hours
  • Maximum height - 55'
  • Maximum speed - 20 MPH
  • Longest run - 750 feet
  • 9 Observation Platforms
Built For Safety
  • Cables capable of minimum load of 26,800 lbs
  • Fully certified guides
  • No hand braking - system slows and brakes automatically as you glide into the platforms
  • Zipliners remain connected to one of two safety connections at all times throughout the course

By Marie Ospina

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