Orlando Timeshare Tours

Come along with me on an adventure in timesharing.

During a recent unannounced visit to a local vacation ownership resort, I was blessed with a personable salesman who seemed anxious to please and in different to the fact that I was there only to gather information.

He was not pushy. He was quite the gentleman.

Typical Timeshare Sales Pitch

Mr. Salesman took me on a pre-defined tour of the facility - bragging about every nook and cranny of this plush tropical acreage doused with sunshine and smiles.

We passed children playing poolside splashing mom and dad who sat sipping Pina Colatas on white padded lounge chairs. I'm jealous -- it's 9:30 a.m., it's 94 degrees, it's a 100% humidity and I'm hot!

Mr. Salesman's approach is simple, helpful and organized -- he begins explaining timeshare ownership while we tour the facility.

We start at the reception area and work our way towards several units of different sizes and locations.

The complex is enormous. Its facilities and amenities seem endless. Not bad -- not bad at all. Kind of looking good.

After The Tour

After the tour, I'm lead to a cafeteria-type setting where potential timeshare owners are clustered around small tables whispering personal financial information to salesmen offering chilled water and fresh chocolate chip cookies.

An occasional celebratory cork pops, splashing inexpensive bubbly over plastic champagne glasses down onto Formica table tops -- another vacation ownership member is born!

At my table, Mr. Salesman produces a personal "Vacation Profile" booklet and begins jotting down my vacation preferences.

We work our way through this page-by-page process that lies in front of us. He fills in the blanks with my answers and magically produces an affordable solution to all my apprehensions.

Once completed, I watch as he calculates my debt-to-wish-list ratio for personal vacation ownership.

With completed form in hand, he now begins explaining my financial options.

I am on the beach, in Maui.

In all, the tour takes about 90 minutes. I don't feel hassled, rushed, or uncomfortable. In fact, on my way back to the office, I'm preparing my personal sales pitch to my husband.

Other sales techniques include booths that are placed in high visibility areas where tourist and local residents frequent.

With those, timeshare representatives invite visitors to tour a resort, usually offering a gift as an incentive to take the tour.

Resort Information

Developers often prefer direct mail programs. With those, invitations are sent offering brief vacations at a resort property with a reduction in price when the visitor agrees to tour the resort and sit through a typical sales pitch.

Some resorts even offer incentive programs to their existing timeshare owners for referrals.

Most resort units and vacation plans are sold on location. Others are sold from a sales center in a different location from the resort.

Vacation ownership sales presentations usually require at least 90 minutes or more. During the presentation, the product and the exchange programs are explained.

The sales staff will explain the type of vacation ownership that is being sold and how it can be used.

You will be given a tour of the resort and its facilities, if the sales presentation occurs at the resort.

Once you've agreed to purchase a unit or package, there is state mandated time-period in which new owners may reconsider their purchase.

Although regulations vary from state to state, this grace period generally ranges from three to 14 days.

Your purchase agreement will clearly state that refund period.

There are plans and facilities to meet almost everyone's needs.

Visit out discription of vacation ownership types for more details. Also, we have compiled a list of several Central Florida vacation ownership resorts.

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