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Public art beautifies and defines a city.

It adds chic and refinement to neighborhoods and gives artists an opportunity to both shine and give back to their communities.

Public art enriches and improves areas, serves as focal points and commands intense pride.

Orlando is a shining example of how public art works for the betterment of a city.


Major Works of Arts

With more than nine hundred eclectic pieces in their permanent collection of public art works, Orlando is a cutting edge leader.

These pieces include paintings, sculptures, photographs, tapestries and more scattered through the city parks, community centers and City buildings.

Some of the major works include the Tower of Light, in front of the City Hall, the Doves of Peace in the Henry P. Leu Gardens and the Folks in the Neighborhood mural at the James Smith Neighborhood Center. In all, twenty –six major works grace Orlando.

Art projects are always under review.

The city has specific criteria concerning artists and locations.

Artists must submit proposals based on three factors regarding their art: appropriateness, communication and performance.

Art Display Locations

The location site is based on artwork needs, proximity to parks or community centers and accessibility.

The Public Art department also supervises three art galleries of unique rotating exhibits.

The Terrace Gallery focuses on well-known Florida artists, but features both national and international collections.

The Mayor’s 2nd and 3rd Floor Gallery showcases Central Florida artists exclusively.

Visit here to see works of future masters.

The Garden House Gallery in the Henry P. Leu Gardens enriches with botanical themed displays and artwork.

So, next time you stroll through Orlando, take pride in how the city shimmers with art.

Let it lift your spirits, knowing this art is continually improving your community and will for centuries to come.


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