Wells' Built Museum

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If you are planning on a trip to Florida, it is a must that you include Wells' Museum in your itinerary as you tour around the blossoming city of Orlando.

Wells' Museum was named after Dr. William Monroe Wells who originally came from Georgia.

In 1917, he arrived in Orlando, Florida and completed his medical training in the same place.

He was known for successfully delivering more than 5,000 babies with the same race as he was.

He also treated fellow African Americans who were suffering from influenza, pneumonia and other serious diseases back then when penicillin was not yet invented.

Due to the number of poor African Americans in Central Florida, he decided to put up his home in South Street in 1921.

Back then, the building structure was knows as Wells' Built Hotel.

Inside the building was also a Casino which was oftenly visited by African Americans from surrounding areas of Orlando.

Since most of these people are in town for a visit, they would prefer to stay in the hotel within the same building.

Currently, the building is known as Wells' Build Museum which opened last.

It has a 6,000 sq. ft. of space for masterpieces to be displayed.

Up until now are the original façade, authentic furniture in the guestrooms, beading and decorations, and the wall interior which makes the spirit of the 1930's alive.

Wells Built Museum
Wells Built Museum
Wells Built Museum Wells Built Museum 1 Wells Built Museum 2


Wells' Build Museum opened in 2009 and is more popularly known as Wells' Built Museum of African American History and Culture.

The museum is located at 511 West South Street, Orlando, Florida 32805.

It is on the west of I-4 near Church Street.

If you will be coming from I-4 westbound, you should get in the leftmost lane directing you to downtown Orlando then, take the South Street exit.

You will crossover Division Street and from there you will be able to easily locate the museum which provided ample parking space for its visitors.

Alternatively, coming from the I-4 eastside, you should take the Anderson Street exit.

And then, take the leftmost lane and turn left to Boone Street.

After which, you will take another left turn directing towards the South Street.

Cross over the Division Street and you will be able to see the South Street where the museum is located.

If you plan on bringing your whole family to visit the museum, there are many restaurant options around the area.

Basically, everything you need for your trip is near in proximity to the museum.

What's inside the museum?

Wells' Built Museum is one of the cultural attractions in Orlando, Florida.

Inside the museum, visitors will find memorabilia and artifacts from the African American community.

There are local art pieces collectors who share their resources to the museum and let visitors appreciate these collections for some time.

Once inside the museum, visitors can appreciate even more the historic Parramore community and the contributions in history which took place in Central Florida.

Florida is more than Walt Disney and recreational attraction.

Wells' Museum is one of the many evidences that a lot of historical events took place in the same location.

Expect to relive African American history as you visit Wells' Built Museum


Museum Schedule and Fees

Since the Wells' Built Museum has been added as one of US Registered Historic Places, they will need some amount to pay for maintenance of the building.

So, visitors are asked to pay certain fees for this purpose.

You can actually book in advance by calling their

Contact number: (407) 245-7535.
For children below 3 years old, admission is FREE;
Students who are 4 to 13 years old will be charged $2;
for high school students, admission fee is $3;
College and senior citizens will pay $3 and;
Adults will be charged $5.

Discounted rates are available for those who will come in groups.

The museum is open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Wells' Museum Website

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