Winter Garden Heritage Museum

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The Winter Garden Heritage Museum was founded in 1983.

The museum was built inside of the 1918 Atlantic Coast Line depot.

In Winter Garden's quaint historic downtown district, the heritage museum keeps the past alive and on display.

Their varied artifact collections and architectural preservation efforts include local citrus labels, a citrus packing house replica, and an audio kiosk align with the areas's interesting citrus history.

In addition, an exhibit on Lake Apopka details the history and on-going restoration of the former "large-mouth bass capital."

They have photographs of the past featuring fascinating stories of war heros complete with War posters.

There are many unique antiques which reveal the town's founding days and flourishing progress through the pioneer settlement years.

Archeological finds of the Native American lifestyle to include a showcase of pottery pieces, trade beads, tools, clay pipe pieces, arrowhead points.

Just outside of the museum are an original 1943 Cheshire caboose, a 1950s fire truck , as well as old farm tractors and equipments used in the citrus industry.

Early inventions such as the typewriter, adding machine and old telegraph machine are featured, along with Doc Reeves' barber tools.

A "Theatre Wall" created to commemorated the 1935 Winter Garden Theatre.

It was the first movie theater in Central Florida erected to show sound motion pictures.

There is a clock which hung in Fulmers Cleaners' window from 1962-2004.

There is also a Medical History section.

This section exhibits the 1940s, Dr. Albert Gleason's medicine bottles, old anesthesia machine and his black bag.

To learn more, visit

Open everyday, except major holidays, 1-5 p.m.

FREE. Donations welcomed.

1 N. Main Street,_Winter Garden

Phone (407) 656-5544

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