Handicap & Mobility Accessibility Information

Planning a vacation around the needs of someone who has one or more disabilities is no longer the challenge that it may have been even just 5 short years ago.

With the push to ensure that every guest to the world-famous theme parks is able to have an incredibly enriching experience, you’ll find that it is very easy for someone who has limited mobility to navigate the theme parks and the surrounding resorts.

While you will find that Orlando, in general, is an accommodating area in terms of offering support and assistance for those with mobility limitations, it is always prudent to first do a bit of research so that you can know what to expect when you reach your vacation destination.

With laws often being so very different from state to state, you could definitely benefit from knowing your rights are when you are on vacation.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may offer rights and the protection of those rights, but it is one thing to have a wheelchair or scooter-accessible grocery store at home, and quite another to consider theme parks.

Getting From Place to Place

When you organize your transportation from the airport to your hotel destination, you should be sure to request that the vehicle meeting your group is able to accommodate your limited mobility needs.

The city’s bus system readily offers support for those who have limited mobility, and it also offers special accommodations for those who are using wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

A large majority of the public transportation choices will allow you to ride your scooter directly onto the bus, which can save you a lot of discomfort that would otherwise be found by climbing stairs.

If you are going to take any private transportation between theme parks or other entertainment areas then you should consider first calling to find out your limited mobility is going to be a concern.

Many transportation services are more than happy to provide an accessible van or mini bus to help accommodate your needs.

Parking at the Parks

If you plan on driving to the theme parks, you’ll find that each of the Disney theme parks offer handicap-only parking lots that will give you great access to the monorail or to the entrance gates.

The other theme parks offer their own handicap-exclusive parking lots that will readily accommodate the vehicle you are driving and your need for wider parking space.

When you travel you should always ensure that you are taking along your parking permit that allows you to park in the handicap-only parking spaces.

The parks will not issue temporary parking permits, even if you are very visibly limited with your mobility.

Prior to visiting your favorite theme parks, you should be sure to obtain copies of their policies pertaining to guests with disabilities and other mobility concerns.

These brochures will offer information that allows you to understand the special accommodations and policies that each park offers to their mobility-challenged guests.

Accommodation for Limited Mobility Visitors

Laws require that all of the hotels and timeshares in Orlando offer special accommodations for their guests who may have limited or impaired mobility.

Be sure to request a handicap-accessible suite so that you will have the benefits that come from having a room designed to meet your needs by offering the ramps, railings, and bathroom facilities that will make your stay that much more comfortable.

Always be sure to first verify what special accommodations can be offered to you at the timeshare or hotel resort that you are interested in visiting.

One of the best amenities that some of the Disney resort offer comes in the form of a zero-entry swimming pool that will allow you to get your toes wet without worrying about the need to navigate stairs.

Regardless of what your mobility limitations may be, you will find that Orlando is an incredibly helpful city that goes out of its way to ensure that all guests have a wonderful time on their vacation.

Consider renting a mobility scooter for the duration of your vacation; you’ll find them incredible easy to operate and you’ll find it a breeze to make your way around the theme parks and surrounding areas.

Theme Park Scooter Rental Rates
Price Comparison Disney PriceOur PriceYou Save
1 week-300 lbs/-21 stone $350$180$170
1 week 300-450 lbs/22-32 stone$350$200$150
2 weeks-300 lbs/-21 stone$700$280$470
2 weeks 300-450 lbs/22-32 stone$700$300$400


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