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Florida Blue Parking Badge

Handicap Parking Permits

Florida recognizes license plates and parking permits displaying the international symbol of accessibility that has been issued by any state or foreign country.

However, if the permit or plate does not display one of the international symbols of accessibility, visitors must obtain a state of Florida temporary disabled person parking permit. The temporary parking permit fee is $15.

This is the official info from the FDOT.

Do not risk receiving a very expensive parking fine.

The penalty is $250 in Orlando per infraction!

The temporary permit is good for 90 days after issue.

To find out the nearest Orange County tax office where you can visit to pay the fee and pick up your temporary blue badge, visit their website here: http://www.octaxcol.com/

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There are eight Orlando offices where you can pick up the necessary badge (listed under Motor Vehicle Registrations), and it must be stressed this is the new official policy, hence you DO risk a ($250) parking fine if you don't comply with these regulations.

In Osceola County(Kissimmee), there are four tax offices, listed on this website: http://www.osceolataxcollector.org

Requirements to obtaining a parking permit vary from state to state.

Some states will honour other country permits, while others require application as a visitor/tourist.

Disability placards issued here in any one state are honored in all 50 states, so if you have it from one state you can travel to another state and still be able to use it.

The international placards are also *supposed* to be honored in all 50 states and work much the same way.

However some police might still issue tickets even the state does allow the international placards.

The recommended process is to email the DMV from the state you are going to prior to going there and get an email confirmation of sorts that the international placard is accepted in that state.

That way if you get a ticket or questioned about the card, you have proof.

As a backup, it is even more recommended that you get a placard from the state you are starting in's DMV that will be more user friendly if you will.


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Offers: $15 fee for a temporary US parking badge

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