Orlando Scooter & ECV Rental

Renting a scooter is the best way to get around Disney and other theme parks for anyone with mobility issues.

Your scooter will be hand delivered to you.

Delivery person is there to answer any and all questions.

If you are staying off Disney property, they'll even show you how easy your scooter is disassemble and reassemble.

Why Rent a Scooter?

If you have an older family member who doesn't get around to well, can't walk or stand for long periods, a scooter will make it much easier to enjoy your day at the theme parks.

If you have a medical condition which limits your mobility, there is no reason you should suffer laboring through the parks.

Guilty feelings of holding the rest of family up disappear.

You've already spent a fortune on your vacation!

Why Rent From us?

We charge a fraction of what Disney does for a scooter!

Disney charges $50 per day on a first come first serve basis.

That's $350 for a week!

Price ComparisonDisney PriceOur PriceYou Save
1 week-300 lbs/-21 stone$350 $180$170
1 week 300-450 lbs/22-32 stone$350$200$150
2 weeks-300 lbs/-21 stone $700$280$470
2 weeks 300-450 lbs/22-32 stone$700$300$400

Theme park scooter rentals must be returned at end of day.

You can use our scooters 24/7.

Your scooters are either new or fairly new and well maintained.

We off free delivery to you at your hotel, Disney resort, timeshare or rental villa 7 days a week.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Delivery driver will also make sure you know how to operate, assembly and disassembly before leaving.

Our scooters can be dissembled and reassembled in less than a minute with no tools needed.

Once dissembled the ECV will fit into the trunk (boot) of a midsize or larger vehicle.

We have scooters for those staying at Disney.

They can be used on all Disney transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The charge will last for about 22 miles which is much more than anyone will walk.

Battery can be charged overnight into a regular electrical outlet and even at park restaurants while dining.

2. Scooter dissembles into 5 parts.

Heaviest part weighs 42 pounds (3 stone).

3. When scooter is not in use just take the ignition key with you to secure.

4. In the unlikely event that you are in park and scooter becomes inoperable, we will bring another one out.

We've had to come out to the park as late as 10 pm. on rare occasions.

Since our scooters are well maintained this may only happen once every couple of years.

We also rent Powerchairs and wheelchairs.

In order to rent a Powerchair, you must already own one.

The joysticks on Powerchair are not easy to use otherwise.

International Parking Badges

Attention International parking badges are accepted in Florida. There is no longer a need to apply for a temporary placard. The UK blue badge is accepted and valid in Florida.

With laws often being so very different from state to state, you could definitely benefit from knowing your rights are when you are on vacation.

Disney Ends Guest Assistance Program

Due to abuse by tour operators using disabled tour guides to help fully able families get to the front of the line of Disney attractions and rides, the program has been discontinued.

Information on the new Disability Assistance System can be found Disney Ends Guest Assistance Program.

Standard Scooter
Weight limit 299 lbs(21 stone/135 kilos)
Standard Scooter
Heavy Duty Scooter
Weight range 300-450 lbs (22-32 stone/136-204 kilos)
Heavy Duty Scooter
Standard Wheelchair
Weight limit 250 lbs (17 stone/113 kilos)
Standard Wheelchair Weight
Wheelchair Heavy Duty
Weight range 250-300 lbs (17-25 stone/113-135 kilos)
Wheelchair Heavy Duty
Weight limit 250 lbs (17 stone/113 kilos)

Florida Car Rental Code
Florida Car Rental Code