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Disney World Park Surging Prices

Disney World is the happiest place on Earth. 

People from all over the world frequent the parks each and every year in search of fun, entertainment, and of course, magic!

It seems as though no matter the time of year, Disney is always bustling with thousands of families, friends, and large groups looking for their new favorite ride, restaurant, or attraction.

Disney theme parks up to this point have had consistent pricing throughout the seasons.  

Extra Cost per Ticket

But Disney has just recently announced that their prices will be changing, and will now depend upon crowd levels.

While this may mean extra money per ticket on regular and peak days, it can also mean less crowds during these times. 

So you may see shorter lines during otherwise busy days at Disney, but it does come at a higher price tag!

Magic Kingdom, the most popular park of the four which currently welcomes approximately 20 million visitors each year will continue to be $105 for one-day park tickets at the value price.

However, during regular season days, it will rise to $110, and during peak days, it will be $124. 

The other three parks, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios will cost $95 for value tickets, and then raise to $105 for regular days, and $119 for peak days. 

Timeshare Options

These prices will depend upon how populated Disney regularly is. 

Generally, during major holidays such as Easter, Christmas and New Years’ (including the week between the two), as well as the summer months from the end of June until early August, pricing will be higher to alleviate some of the crowds. 

Any time that children are off from school will usually guarantee higher crowds, which means higher prices for one day tickets with these new prices!

Major Holidays

To offset some of these costs, many people may opt to participate in some timeshare presentations.

In many cases, you can earn $100 just for coming to the presentation to hear what they have to offer.  

It will take a couple hours to participate, but can save you hundreds of dollars on otherwise very pricey multi day tickets! 

And who knows, you may even find something you like! 

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