Customer Service

Dear Jaime,
it was a brilliant holiday,mainly thanks to you for organizing those hopper tickets and transport, my sincere thanks to you and please tell Glenn thanks for everything,you are truly great people to know. kind regards from Patrick and family

Dear Jaime,
Thank you for the services you provided, I found the level of service you
provided to be excellent and the extra voluntary information you provided to
be very helpful, I will definitely be recommending your services to friends
and family and hope to use your services again ourselves when wee are
fortunate enough to return to Florida.

Dear Jaime,
You've been great and so quick- you've saved my peace of mind(and I need it)- Thanks a million - they are very lucky to have such efficeint,friendly and knowledgeable help!!
Customer Service rep at Gaylord Plams: I spoke with your reservations manager Robert Schneider (spelling) after being referred by Jaime at I thought you would find the below e-mail exchanges interesting. I told Robert how I searched the net and found no trace of your Resort,
I even called information at 407-555-1212 and they had no info on "Opryland Resort". I passed on the feedback to Mr. Schneider and cancelled my reservations at another Resort to stay at the Gaylord Palms Resort. I am greatful to the tourist information bureau for directing me to your resort and to Mr Schneider for his response to my call/feedback. I just wanted to reiterate that when I did open your website (prior to talking to Jaime, I quickly closed it becaue it did not appear from your homepage that the resort was in Orlando - Orlando is not mentioned on your homepage and I thought the resort was located at St Augistine, Key West, etc. Please forward this e-mail to Mr. Schneider. My family is really looking forward to arriving at the Gaylord Palms on 8 May.
Thanks, Steve

Dear Jamie,
Thank you for resolving the issue with Days Inn. To be honest, I didn't think that you would take resolve this matter this quick. I applaud your efficiency.
If you have any hotels in New Orleans for this weekend, let me know .

Thank you so much!!! You are great, and definately have fantasic customer service relations. We will definately contact you for future reservations as you have been so prompt and considerate.
Tim and Valerie Guzowski

Hi Jaime,
The stay we had at the Ramada in June was fine: they gave us three rooms close together. The only slight problems that we had were that a couple of the in-room safes had faults, but the maintenance man cleared the problems up straight away.
We are planning to return to Orlando at the end of May next year, so expect to hear from me when I know the exact dates!
Bye for now.
Bob Cardwell.

Hi Jamie
PayPal is a quick and easy method and have no problems using it - a lot quicker than other international payment methods!
We did not expect the package of leaflets etc, which was excellent and saved us a lot of time
The personal service by yourself was fantastic, friendly and encouraged me to consider using you again
I have already recommended you to several friends and family and intend to use you again for our next trip in a few years' time.
A very big thank you!
Kind regards
John/Carol Cook

Dear Jaime,
We were extremely pleased with your service on our recent trip to Orlando. I was very happy with the info you gave me as we talked on the phone and and made plans. You gave me information that I would otherwise never have known.This trip was for my husband's conference with AASC. Our time was limited and because of you, we were able to make the best of it.
I have saved all the information on your company and will share it with others. I am a travel agent and your services will be recommended to my clients. We never learned about you in our training, but I will spread the word up here in Michigan.
Carol Axe

Thank you very much for your prompt attention and thank you also for the great rate and ease of use your websight was for us to use. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

Hi Jamie,
We have now arrived back in the UK. I just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for theme park tickets and for all of the advice you gave us. We had a great time in Florida.
Thanks Again

Hi Jamie
As always the service and on time delivery of the tickets was excellent. Thanks for booking the Rosen Centre for Jackie and Andy and making the the whole experience for the family memorable. Hope to see you again next year
Best Regards

Pay by Check
Yes the Pay by Check was very easy to use, and the tickets arrived in a timely fashion after the payment had cleared. I would also recommend your site and services to others. I also liked the fact that you called to check on the tickets, because I had not picked them up from the post office yet. That really impressed us. Thank you for being so prompt.
Amy Peoples

Olrando Hotel

Hi Jaime
Strangely enough, when one encounters excellent service, we call it extra-ordinary, only because what we accept these days is far below what service should be. So keep up the excellent example which you are.
Thanks again

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