Nine Dragons Restaurant in Epcot’s World Showcase

Nine Dragons Restaurant is a pan-Asian dining establishment located at Epcot’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World.

This is an excellent place to sample contemporary Chinese cuisine and is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Walt Disney World.

The interior features fine woodcarvings, delicate glowing lanterns and sumptuous seating that set the stage for an impressive dining experience.

Nine Dragons Family Dinner Set

Many families opt for the Nine Dragons Family Dinner Set.

For $23.98 per person,, each guest can choose one soup, one entree and one entree from the set menu list.

If you’re in the mood to order a la carte, then there are plenty of other options to choose from.

Kick things off with creative starters like walnut shrimp toast or the dim-sum inspired shrimp and taro lollipops.

Nine Dragons has Chinese food favorites like Kung pao chicken and Chinese chicken salad, but also incorporates lesser-known flavors in entrees like fragrant five-spiced fish, spit-roasted chicken and the Zha Jiang noodle sampler.


One of the highlights of the Nine Dragons menu is the wide variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks available.

Adults can enjoy specialty cocktails like the Shanghai fusion (rum, cherry brandy, plum wine and fruit juice) and the ginger zinger (ginger liqueur, rum, ginger ale, lemon twist), while younger patrons can choose between varieties of smoothies.

Nine Dragons is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Prices for full adult meals range from $15.00 to $29.99.

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