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Quick Service Restaurants Adding Calorie Counts

Quick Service restaurants will now be posting calorie counts for items on their menus throughout Disney World!

This is great news for dieters who are trying to watch their weight while on vacation.

Previously, it was extremely difficult to know exactly what you were eating, and therefore difficult to calculate the proper amount of calories in each of your meals.

No longer do you have to accept gaining five pounds each time you go to Disney World due to the delicious tastes and multiple courses of food at each meal.

See Nutritional Guidelines

Instead, the calorie counts will be prominently posted so that you can make healthy and wise decisions on your next meal of choice.

While nutritional guidelines have always been available upon request at their restaurant locations, this is the first opportunity for guests to see the calories posted write next to the item on the menu.

So even for individuals who are not usually accustomed to counting their calories, they will be able to receive a glimpse into what they are putting into their bodies.

See Nutritional Guidelines

While it is not available in every quick service restaurant as of yet, it is available at a few including Columbia Harbour House and Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios.

A great option at the first is the grilled salmon, coming in at 650 calories when accompanied by couscous and fresh broccoli.

Vegetarian chili at this location is also only 160 calories.

You will also then be able to note that it may be better to order a Yeungling (128 calories) at Backlot Express over an Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider (210 calories).

Weight Watchers

Guests who are watching their weight as they vacation previously had to resort to more obvious choices like salads, veggie burgers, and roasted chickens.

But with this new addition, Disney food enthusiasts can explore even more options.

This is definitely a step in the right direction, as many more restaurants are expected to have calorie counts on their menus by the end of the year.

Being aware of the calories will help you to make more conscious decisions about your food, and if nothing else, help individuals to make healthier choices overall.

Disney Chefs

This system is also likely to cause Disney chefs to add more calorie conscious meal options for diners.

Between this and all the calories you burn while walking through the parks all day, guests can easily lose weight while vacationing-what is better than that?!

The other side of this is that many individuals, when vacationing, simply do not want to know how many calories they are eating at each meal!

They want to enjoy their vacation worry free, and eat whatever they desire.

How do you feel about calorie counts being added to your favorite Disney Quick Service Restaurants?


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