Restaurant Marrakesh

Music, incense, and belly dancers await you at the Restaurant Marrakesh, a table service restaurant tucked away in the back of Epcot's labyrinthine Morocco Pavilion.

Wind your way through the medina streets of the Pavilion's bustling marketplace and you will soon find one of the most unique and immersive dining experiences in Walt Disney World.

Restaurant Review

Moroccan Cuisine

Lauded as the most authentic of the restaurants in the World Showcase, Restaurant Marrakesh serves Moroccan cuisine, including couscous, tender kebabs, roast lamb, and bastillas – baked layers of thin pastry filled with minced meat, almonds and cinnamon.

Many Westerners visiting Epcot skip Restaurant Marrakesh, as they are apprehensive about trying Moroccan dishes and, in doing so, miss out on some of Epcot's most delicious cuisine and its most beautiful restaurant.

Like the rest of the Morocco Pavilion, the Restaurant Marrakesh was designed by the personal architect and craftsmen of King Hassan II of Morocco and is, indeed, fit for a king.

Dining Room

The dining room is visually stunning, sporting vaulted, intricately tiled ceilings, gorgeous light fixtures, and carved pillars.

As you dine, you will be serenaded by musicians playing traditional Moroccan music and, each hour, be entertained by a beautiful belly dancer who whirls her way across the marble dance floor at the center of the dining room.

For a meal that is truly transporting and tantalizes all your senses, visit Restaurant Marrakesh for lunch or dinner.

Fun Fact: In the lobby of Restaurant Marrakesh, there is a replica of a letter sent by the King of Morocco to George Washington.

Morocco was the first country to officially recognize the United States as an independent nation.

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