Best Things for Retired People to Do in Disney

There are a myriad of fun things for retired individuals to do in Disney World.

If you do not want to chase around your grandkids or walk tirelessly through the parks for hours on end, there are so many other opportunities for you too to enjoy Disney World.

In fact, it can be one of the most exciting yet relaxing vacations of your life!

Catch up with your family later, and take some time for yourself!

Best Things for Retired People to Do in Disney

Epcot's World Showcase

Travel the world at Epcot's World Showcase.

Get to know all about different countries without ever having to step on a plane.

Shop at the unique little shops around the pavilion, and view beautiful architecture all around you.

Enjoy the delicious cuisine from Italy, France, Morocco, and more and catch a show at Germany or Japan.

Walking through the World Showcase is a favorite among many, and is guaranteed to be one of the most fun-filled experiences in all of Disney.

Gardens of the World

Check out the Gardens of the World.

Also located in the World Showcase, these gorgeous gardens are beautifully landscaped and bursting with bright and bold colors.

A real treat for the eyes, learn about different plants and flowers from all over the world along your travels through the gardens.

Boat Rides

Boat rides throughout Disney World are not only a convenient way to travel, the peaceful atmosphere and gorgeous views set this method of transportation way above the rest! From the time you depart to the moment you set foot on land, you will be in good hands. Your only regret will be that your trip was not longer! Travel to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, and select Disney Resorts by boat, water launch, or ferryboat and have a blast along the way.

Disney's BoardWalk

There is something almost blissful about waking up in the morning and taking a stroll along Disney's BoardWalk. Clear skies, beautiful views, and a boardwalk lined with wonderful shops and restaurants set this place apart from the rest. Feel as though you are at the Jersey Shore as you stop for an ice cream cone at Ample Hills Creamery or visit the BoardWalk Bakery for a scone and your morning coffee before looking at the beautiful skyline before you. Visit the many street vendors or take a multi-person bike for a spin to complete your day.

Main Street, USA

Main Street, USA is a great place to visit during your visit to Magic Kingdom. Located near the entrance, you don't have to walk too far to reach your destination. This old-fashioned Town Square will take you back in time to when life was much simpler! Visit City Hall, a classic Fire Station, an old Barber Shop, and several other unique shops and stores. Travel in style by riding on a horse drawn carriage, jitney, omnibus, fire engine, or horseless carriage! Stop at the Main Street Bakery for a small bite before heading to the Main Street Cinema!

Old Town, USA

Bonus: Old Town, USA in Kissimmee, Florida is another great place for retirees to visit. Its small town charm is unlike any other. If you are a classic car enthusiast, you will not be able to contain yourself. The town's signature restaurants, warm inviting family atmosphere, and old town feel is a must stop on your next vacation to Disney World. Located just outside Disney property, it is worth the drive.

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