Colortopia Exhibit at Epcot

Walt Disney World has partnered with Glidden to bring a new interactive exhibit to Epcot.

The interactive exhibit is located in Innoventions East, directly across the breezeway from the Mouse Gear shop.

Stop by this multi-section exhibit and learn about the power of color in a fun way.

A Three-Part Exhibit

As you enter the Colortopia section of Innoventions East you quickly notice the bright colors.

The exhibit is much more than a fun place to grab a paintbrush and paint a wall.

To allow everyone an opportunity to enjoy each activity the exhibit is split into three parts.

The first section you encounter is the “Power of Color Theater.”

You will almost feel as though you have jumped into a paint can ad the walls change colors as you learn about how color and sounds work together to paint an image in your head.

One color that you see is blue.

Once you hear waves crashing images of a picturesque day at the beach pops in your head.

After you jumped out of the paint can you are encouraged to spend a bit of time in the “Color Lab.” 

This three-station section features two Color Mix’n Match setups and a Spinning Spectrums wall.

Here you complete with fellow guests to create a color using red, green and blue.

This is a fun way to challenge yourself and have a bit of fun learning about mixing colors.

The Spinning Spectrums wall has multiple painted wheels on the wall that spin.

Once the wheels are spinning you try to guess the actual color that is being created.

There are more than a dozen wheels to spin and guess the correct colors on.


While the wheels are stationary you can easily see the colors, but once they start spinning it becomes a bit of a challenge to tell the exact hue. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast
While the wheels are stationary you can easily see the colors, but once they start spinning it becomes a bit of a challenge to tell the exact hue. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast
After you are done painting you will be given a unique code to share your masterpiece with your friends and family. Be sure to email and share it with everyone on your list. #Colortopia Candy Apple, Jack O' Lantern and Sun Rays are just a few of the quirky named colors that you have to choose from. And here you don't have to get paint on your clothes in order to create you work. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast Depending on the scene you select to paint you will get a different lively experience. On the scene you will see the color options you have for your work of art. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast The paint room at the Colortopia attraction is a dark room that is lit by a dozen colored paint brushes and the screens that light up with a scene that comes to life as you paint it. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast With a magical paintbrush in hand you're ready to start painting. Although the bristles start out as white, they will quickly change colors once it's time to having fun. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast After three simple instructions you are on your way to magical fun as you color your world at Colortopia. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast Inside the final room you will get a lesson on color and lighting. Watch as you control the colors of your shadow by blocking specific colored light bulbs. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast These magical brushes will help you paint on the digital canvases in the final interactive area of the Colortopia exhibit. Once you are given a paintbrush you will be taught paint with it and change colors. You'll also get to test your brush before you enter the paint room, to make sure it works. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast The final section of the Colortopia experience involves using a magical paintbrush to 'Color Our World.' You must spend time in the other two sections of this exhibit. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast Can you create your on unique color? Of course! At Color Mix 'N Match you can create the color in the tube and earn mastery point or just do your own thing and have some fun. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast Don't let your eyes deceive you. Once the wheels begin moving at the Spinning Spectrum the colors begin to blend. Can you guess all of the colors on the wheels? #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast Try your hand at the Color Mix & Match station and see if you can create the same colors that are in the tubes in front of you. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast There is fun for everyone at the Colortopia Exhibit at Epcot. There is non-stop fun at all the color stations to enjoy with your group and your fellow park guests. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast The fun at Colortopia doesn't have to end when you leave the attraction. There is an app available for both Apple and Google. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast Check out the new Colortopia experience in Innoventions West when you visit Epcot. #Colortopia #InnoventionsEast


Save the Best for Last

After you’ve had all the fun you can in the first two sections you now enter another white room, the waiting space for the “Color Our World,” section.

In here you will learn how colored lights can blend to create white light and still cast colored shadows.

After playing here for a bit you will be handed a magic paintbrush.

Once you enter the digitally canvassed room you pick a screen and start painting.

There is no paint involved and every time you dip your brush into a magically created Glidden can of paint you can then paint the images on your screen just like you would with a coloring book.

Depending on the color and screen you paint the image will come to life.

A man on a bicycle may start pedaling when you paint him orange.

After you finish and return your magic brush and you can then email your masterpiece to anyone you choose.

There is also a Colortopia mobile app (Android & Apple)that you can download and use around the World Showcase so the fun extends beyond Innoventions East.

This is a great way to relax for a few minutes and let the kids enjoy some time exploring as well.

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