Celebrate Oktoberfest at Epcot’s Germany Pavilion

Come celebrate Oktoberfest all 365 days of the year at Epcot’s Germany Pavilion!

While this Pavilion has no rides, it does have some of the most popular shopping and dining in the World Showcase, including a toy store, a Christmas shop, and confectionary.

This Bavarian village is also home to two Disney princesses – Snow White and Rapunzel – so be sure to pay them both a, visit!


Snow White’s Wishing Well – has her wishing well here.

Come meet Snow White and makes a wish at her wishing well in this character meet-and-greet.

Glockenspiel is the German word for "chimes" or "ring of bells."

This is also the name of the giant cuckoo clock in the pavilion that marks the hour with dancing Hummel figurines, just like the Glockenspiel in Munich!

Miniature Train and Village – is an outdoor model railway first introduced furing the Flower and Garden Festival, but kept due to its popularity!


Biergarten – is exactly what it sounds like, an establishment full of food, fun and libations.

Step inside this quaint Bavarian village, featuring a buffet where it's Oktoberfest all year! German musicians will turn any meal here into a celebration!

Sommerfest – offers, Bratwurst, frankfurters, pretzels, apple strudel and imported beers.


Der Bucherwurm is a shop that sells steins (drinking mugs), hand-painted eggs, and other fine collectibles.

Der Teddybar has a number of German toys, dolls, teddy bears, and Steiff plush.

Die Weihnachts Ecke is a year round holiday shop with lots of Christmas ornaments and more.

Karamell-Küche is the place to go for handcrafted caramel treats, pastries, and German candies.

Kunstarbeit In Kristall offers German glassware and crystal.

You can watch the cast members hard at work here.

Weinkeller has a number of German wines and accessories.

Wine tastings are available here.

Volkskunst sells hand-painted eggs, cuckoo clocks, and other fine collectibles.


Each building in the Germany Pavilion is unique in its own right. You will find structures from a variety of regions here. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion
Each building in the Germany Pavilion is unique in its own right. You will find structures from a variety of regions here. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion
The town square at the center of the Germany Pavilion is lined with many different types of buildings from various regions and eras. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion The scenery in the Germany Pavilion look as though they've been taken directly from a storybook. There are a number of quaint buildings to explore as you make your way through the World Showcase. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion The outdoor seating in the Germany Pavilion makes it a great place to enjoy a snack and watch the clock tower shows that happens every hour. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion At the top of each hour the clock tower, called a Glockenspiel, at the Germany Pavilion comes to life. Music fills the air and everyone stops to enjoy the show. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion The counter service bars around the Germany Pavilion have cool beverages waiting for you to enjoy. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion Even the street signs in the Germany Pavilion have a German flare. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion A lot of attention to detail can be seen in the buildings in the Germany Pavilion. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion A miniature train system and village sits on the edge of the Germany Pavilion. The small outdoor model garden and railway was originally created for the Flower & Garden Festival, but has become a permanent fixture because of its popularity. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion The Germany Pavilion is a mixture of structures that you will find in towns throughout Germany. The square has a statue of St. George and the dragon. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion Relax in the Germany Pavilion with a cold beer or enjoy some tradition German cuisine at the Biergarten Restaurant. It's always Oktoberfest at this dining establishment. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion Stop by one of the beer stands for a flavorful chilled beverage. There are some unique types to try out. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion Das Kaufhaus is a sports clothing store full of soccer jerseys, shorts, German-themed clothing and soccer balls. #WorldShowcase #GermanyPavillion


Fun Facts

To say “hello” in German, say “guten tag” (goo-tehn tahg).

There is a large satue of Saint George slaying a dragon.

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