Experience Perpetual Twilight in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion

Shop and dine in a Mexican village under perpetual twilight at Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion!

In this replica environment you can climb the steps of a Mayan pyramid, relax with a specialty margarita, and even let Donald Duck and his feather friends lead you down a tour of the Rio Grande!

One of the most immersive pavilions in the World Showcase, the Mexico Pavilion will transport you to another time and place.


Gran Fiesta Tour is a relaxing and beautiful boat tour of Mexico led by the Three Caballeros!

You can find this tour by entering the Mayan pyramid on the edge of the World Showcase.

Animales Fantásticos – is an amazing collection of carved Mexican folk art that welcomes you into the pyramid.

Take some time to enjoy this piece of history while you are visiting Mexico.

Mariachi Cobre – is a Mariachi band that perform traditional Mexican folk music throughout the Pavilion.

Have a song you would like to play?

Be sure to shout it out when the music's quiets for a moment.

If you have a birthday in your party request, Las Mananitas, which is a traditional birthday song in Mexico.


There are a number of tasty delights to be found while you are visiting the Mexican Pavilion.

Whatever you order, be sure to request a side of jalapeños to add a little spice to your meal.

You will find everything from tacos and quesadillas to Sopa Azteca and Mole Poblano.

La Hacienda de San Angel offers authentic Mexican cuisine with beautiful views of the World Showcase Lagoon, along the outer edge of the Mexican Pavilion.

San Angel Inn is where you can enjoy Mexican cuisine beneath the night sky inside the Pavilion’s Mesoamerican pyramid and watch boats on the Rio Del Tiempo pass by.

La Cantina de San Angel is a casual Mexican quick-service cuisine right on the lagoon.

La Cava del Tequila is a cute and cozy tequila bar featuring a wide array of tequilas, specialty margaritas, and light appetizers.


Venture into the pyramid to enter Plaza de Los Amigos, a charming marketplace under the stars that sells sombreros, jewelry, art, books, instruments, Mexican candy and other treats.

If you are a collector of any particular items, such as shot glasses or magnets be on the lookout for country specific items here.


LThe main building is a Mesoamerican pyramid that also houses the main attraction in the Mexico Pavilion. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase
The main building is a Mesoamerican pyramid that also houses the main attraction in the Mexico Pavilion. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase
Inside this large pyramid you will be treated to a boat ride starting Donald Duck and friends. As you take the boat tour you will drift through Mexican villages, past pyramids and by a volcano is the distance. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Inside the pyramid you will find replicas of things such as the attire worn by Mesoamericans of this period. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase The artwork in and around the pyramid was designed to replicate that of the Mesoamerican era. The structures and art look as though they have been restored from actual artifacts. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Lush vegetation surrounds the Mexico Pavilion. Much of the vegetation is native to Mexico. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Along the outside of the pyramid you can stroll or sit back and enjoy the breeze as you are surrounded by trees native to Mexico. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Cast members work hard to craft and paint custom souvenirs just for you. Take a look at the name inscribed on each hand painted item, you may find that the artists is sitting right in front of you. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase On the Gran Fiesta Tour you are treated to architectural replicas mixed with digital animations. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Inside the pyramid there is a Kitcot Fun Stop where children can get a taste of Aztec culture and have a bit of fun. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase This Aztec stone calendar was used for centuries. It was based off of a nine month period, the same as the human gestational period. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase As you pass the lobby area you will enter a bustling Mexican town. It's always evening in this town and the lights are always on. Wander through the streets and get a taste of life in a small Mexican town. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase La Cava del Tequila is a bar that specializing in, you guessed it, tequila! There is a large selection of tequilas, specialty margaritas and Mexican appetizers. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Open air shops line the streets in the indoor Mexico Pavilion. You can find traditional dresses and ponchos here. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Throughout the indoor pavilion area you will also find a number of Mexico sweets. Grab a few coconut treats and share them with your family and friends as you explore the pyramid. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase As you take the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros you get a close up view of the indoor Aztec pyramid and in the distance you will see an active volcano. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase If you are exploring the idillic town you will come across La Princesa de Cristal, you also happen upon it as you exit the Gran Fiesta Tour, a shop full of handcrafted crystal jewelry and trinkets. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase The quaint towns that you will pass through on the Gran Fiesta Tour take you through river front towns full of excitement and celebration. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Digital mariachi bands perform for your listening pleasure. The performances come to life and you feel as though you are watching them perform live. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase If you are a fan of souvenir coins then you have come to the right place. There are coin dispensers throughout the park and one specifically for the Mexico Pavilion right inside the indoor section of this pavilion. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Inside La Princesa de Cristal you can watch cast members fire crystal pieces right before your eyes. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase If you forgot your hat in the car or your hotel room them pick up a giant sombrero to help keep you cool during your magical day at Epcot. There are lots of shops and stands full of wonderful finds. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase Cast members work hard to craft and paint custom souvenirs just for you. Take a look at the name inscribed on each hand painted item, you may find that the artists is sitting right in front of you. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase If you look towards the rear of the indoor area of the pavilion you will see anotherAztec pyramid. San Angel Inn Restaurante is also located in this area. This restaurant is the sibling to Mexico City's restaurant of the same name, which dates back to 1692. #MexicoPavillion #WorldShowcase


The Three Caballeros - A New Home

As if the portrayal of the traditions and artistic Mexican culture was not impressive enough, The Grand Fiesta ride at Epcot’s Mexico has added even more exciting entertainment with the addition of the audio-animatronics of the three caballeros greeting us at the end of our adventure!

From the day this tour opened to the public in 2007, the Gran Fiesta Tour has been a popular attraction for the diners at the San Angel Inn restaurant as well as passersby in the world showcase.

But this update, put in place on December 4 of 2015, will likely draw more attention to the ride.

As we float through the vast cultural depiction of Mexico on this boat ride, the screens along the way allow animation of the three caballeros to guide us along our journey.

What was previously an animated screen at the end of this trip has been replaced instead with the actual audio-animatronics of the three caballeros.

This update creates a realistic feel to the trip that is much like that of many of Disney’s other attractions and adds a whole new perspective to the ride.

The three caballeros come alive, putting on a performance for you—singing, dancing, and playing instruments as you pass by.

But it was no easy feat.

Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito traveled a long way to get to The Grand Fiesta.

Previously, they were debuted in Magic Kingdom when the park opened in 1971 at the Mickey Mouse Revue attraction.

When this closed, they went to Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 to perform the same show before the attraction closed in 2009.

They did not appear again until 2011 at an exhibit at the D23 Destination D event.

But they have now found a more permanent home in Mexico where they will be a great addition to the Grand Fiesta ride in the world showcase.

Fun Facts

The San Angel Inn is the sibling to Mexico City’s restaurant of the same name, which has operated since 1692!

The control center for Epcot’s nightly fireworks spectacular IllumiNations is secreted in the top of the Mexico Pavilion’s pyramid.

Which means that from the Mexican Pavilion you have just as good of a few as the folks controlling the show.

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