Get A Taste of Morocco in this Epcot Pavilion

There was much work put into making the Morocco Pavilion appear as true to life as the West African country.

A you approach this section of the world showcase you will see a tower peering over the other buildings, this is a replica of the Koutoubia Minaret of Marrakesh – the prayer tower from a 12th century mosque.

Native artisans aided in the construction of this tower and other portions of the pavilion.

If you have been to Morocco before you will notice that many of the patterns and mosaic art appears to be exactly as you saw in Morocco.

As you enter the arched gate, which is a replica of the Bab Boujouloud gate, to the medina –old city- you will find yourself in a lively bazaar.

Within this pavilion you will also find a ‘new city’ that includes a Royal Gallery and the Moroccan National Tourist Office.


Traditional Moroccan music and dance group, B'net Al Houwariyate, play instruments, sing and dance several times each day.

The music varies from the rural Berber style chants to Andalucian rhythms that are inspired by Spanish Flamenco. The 17-minute performance takes place multiple times a day.

There is a walking tour of Morocco, "The Treasures of Morocco," that is offered daily.

Inside of the Moroccan National Tourist Office where you can view a three-screen slide show of the lifestyles and landscape of Morocco.

Inside the Gallery of Arts and History, you can enjoy the revolving exhibits of Moroccan arts, artifacts and costumes.

The Kingdom of Morocco was built with the help of the Moroccan government. You can see many of the influences throughout the pavilion, including this plaque at the entrance. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase
The Kingdom of Morocco was built with the help of the Moroccan government. You can see many of the influences throughout the pavilion, including this plaque at the entrance. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase
The medina (town center) gates are intricately designed are look like they have been magically transported from Morocco to Epcot. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase The streets and buildings were built with the same styling and facades as those in cities like Fes, Marrakesh and Meknes. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase A lot of attention to detail went into the creation of the Morocco pavilion at Epcot. Even the light fixtures and awnings use Moroccan styling. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase Inside of the bustling Morocco Pavilion you can purchase trinkets and also get a temporary henna tattoo. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase Inside the shops at the Morocco Pavilion you will find lots of authentic souvenirs. You can even have larger items shipped right to your house if you don't have room in your suitcases. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase Inside the Morocco Pavilion you will find that a lot of attention to detail has turned this area into a beautiful area with a truly Moroccan feel. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase The Morocco Pavilion is a great place to explore with many passageways filled with trinkets and surprises. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase Lots of gorgeous textiles adorn the shops in the Morocco Pavilion. There are many items, both large and small, that wil add a unique flare to any abode. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase Beautifully designed courtyards make you feel like you have been transported from Epcot right into a busy Moroccan town. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase In the distance you will see a replica of the Koutoubia Minaret, which is located in Marrakesh. This is a prayer tower that is not lit at night for religious reasons. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase The gates to that lead you into the medina also serve as a picturesque backdrop for photos. This gate is modeled after the Bab Boujouloud gate in Fes, Morocco. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase No visit to the Morocco Pavilion at Epcot is complete until you've stopped to visit Aladdin and Jasmine. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase Just outside of the gates to the medina in the Morocco Pavilion is a beautifully designed fountain. This is a great place to sit and relax for a few minutes as you make your way around the World Showcase. #MoroccoPavilion #EpcotWorldShowcase



Restaurant Marrakesh offers guests traditional Moroccan entertainment and meals. Coucous, lamb dishes and shisk kabobs are some of the gastronomic delights offered here.

At Spice Road Table the focus is tapas or small plates.

This is the perfect place to enjoy a day along the lagoon or an even treat while enjoying the IllumiNations firework show.

Here you will also find live entertainment. If you would like to receive a temporary henna tattoo this can also be arranged here.

The Tangierine Cafe is the counter service restaurant that offers a number of Mediterranean specialties, salads and desserts.

At the Moorish Café and Pastry Shop they serve light crepes and Moorish pastries in addition to sweet, hot mint tea and specialty coffees.

The mint tea is a must try here.


At the Tangier Traders you will find a number of items including Moroccan fine jewelry, traditional clothing, Camel bone mirrors, and handmade daggers.

The Brass Bazaar is the place to find larger items such as mosaic fountains and brass or silver decorative plates & mirrors.

The Outdoor Bazaar is also a part of this shop.

At the bazaar you come across ceramic tiles, traditional instruments and handmade baskets.

At Casablanca Carpets gorgeous hand-knotted carpets & rugs, glass lanterns and Marrakesh wall sconces.

Fun Facts

Morocco culture fuses African, French and Spanish cultures.

Say "hello" in Morocco by saying "salam alekoum" (sah-LAM wah-LAY-koom.).

Morocco is the only country in the World Showcase that had the oversight and assistance of their government in the design and construction of the pavilion.

There is a hidden Mickey on the outside wall of the gift shop; there are three baskets in the shape of a Mickey.

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