Next Generation Disney FastPass

Ask tourists what their favorite part about visiting Walt Disney World is and chances are they’ll all begin listing every show and ride that they love about each one of the parks.

Yet, if you ask anyone what their least favorite part about vacationing to a Disney park is and you’ll most likely hear one single answer: waiting in line.

After all, with tons of the anticipation building up, who wants to take the time to wait in line?

Luckily Walt Disney World is known for their ability to constantly come up with creative and revolutionary ideas that make the Disney experience even more magical for every guest that steps foot into the many parks and resorts.

To help alleviate some of the frustration that comes with waiting in line, Disney came up with the FastPass + system.

New Features

Originally the FastPass allowed everyone to reserve times for three different attractions per day but guests remained hopeful that eventually they would be able to book more than just three rides or shows a day because three just didn’t feel like enough.

Disney has granted guests their wish with the next generation FastPass that gives guests the wonderful opportunity to book more than just three reservations per day.

Once a guest has used up all three of the FastPass reservations that they previously booked, they can head over to one of the Fast Pass + kiosks located throughout the parks where they will be able to book more passes to use up!

It is important to know that you will not be able to make any further reservations using the My Disney Experience mobile application but it is not difficult to find the Fast Pass + kiosks.

Tom Staggs, the chairman of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, is unsure when the enhancements will be made but guests are already elated about this innovative upgrade!

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New Fastpass System
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Ride Share

Ride Share offers an incredible benefit for those who are traveling with small children, especially if there are varying in ages in the children in your family.

Consider if you are a family of four, with a seven year old and a one-year old baby.

Some rides are simply not going to be suitable for the baby, or the baby may be sleeping by the time you approach an attraction that your seven year old is interested in.

This is where the Ride Share comes in very useful.

Simply inform the cast members that you would like to use the Ride Share benefit and they will allow each of the parents to take turns riding on the attraction with the child who is old enough to enjoy it.

One parent can remain with the baby, while the other parent will get to enjoy taking their older child on the attraction.

Once the ride is over, the parent that remained with the baby can swap with the other parent and get to take their turn on the ride with the older child.

The Ride Share benefit can allow every member of the family to have the wonderful time that they deserve while on vacation at Walt Disney World.

Disney makes every effort to accommodate the needs and the schedules of all of the guests.

Be sure to research whether the FASTPASS system and the Ride Share system, which are available at no extra cost, will be of some benefit to your family on your next trip to Orlando.

You'll want to take advantage of some these FastPass tips.

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