Disney's Zootopia Preview at Hollywood Studios

If you are planning to visit Disney World in Orlando or Disney Land in California in the near future, then you are in luck!

Beginning on January 21, individuals will receive the opportunity to preview Disney’s newest movie, Zootopia.

While in Disney Land, you can visit Disney California Adventure Park where a small preview of the movie---with special added effects, can be seen at A Bug’s Life Theater!

Those individuals who will be in Disney World in Orlando during this time can catch a preview at Disney’s Hollywood Studios right on Mickey Avenue, near the One Man’s Dream exhibit.

This sneak peek can not be seen elsewhere, so be sure to book your tickets now to reserve your spot for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Hilarious and Adventurous

From The creators of Big Hero 6, Frozen, and Wreck It Ralph, Zootopia is a hilarious and adventurous children’s movie with valuable lessons, laughs, and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Set in a place where animals can accomplish anything, Zootopia is jam packed with comedy, thrills, and good-hearted family entertainment.

Characters & Storyline

Ginnifer Goodwin voices the main character, Judy Hopps, a small bunny on a mission to prove herself among her other, more experienced and fiercer animals.

Eager to set herself apart from the rest and prove her courage, Judy joins forces with a sly and devious fox, which is voiced by Jason Bateman.

Along with these characters, Gazelle is voiced by Shakira, Octavia Spencer voices Mrs. Otterson, and Tommy Chong voices Yax the Yak.

While Judy faces many hardships and struggles along the way, she proves to be a hero with the biggest courage of all, teaching everyone that it is not necessarily your size or strength, but the courage and confidence you bring that gets the job done.

Ring in the new year right by catching a glimpse of this humorous blockbuster, with what is sure to be the next biggest hit, “Try Everything” by Sia and performed by Shakira! Zootopia will be in theaters on March 4 of this year.

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