A ‘lure The Call of the Ocean

A ‘lure The Call of the Ocean is an oceanic themed show at SeaWorld.

Experience a different amusement unlike traditional SeaWorld rides and shows.

This show replaced Odyssea, it provides better special effects and acrobatics.

The show chronicles the mystical power of the ocean.

Anglers have fallen prey to the allure of the life under the sea.

Sit in the Nautilus Theater for the 30 minutes theatrical performance.

The dark arena transforms into a movie hall as a screen appears on the stage.

A recorded footage narrates the storyline.

Special effects recreate a fishing expedition.

Acrobats Stunts & Special Effects

A fisherman throws a baited hook into the sea.

Watch him fall into the sea under the lure of loud sirens.

The fisherman mingles with the fish as he descends to the bottom of the ocean

The curtains rise and a group of acrobats perform stunts as the show starts.

The backdrop is an under the sea world with a variety of fish swimming in the ocean.

Orchestra music plays in the background.

The stage lighting changes into different colors.

This special effect creates an enchanting underwater theme.

Aquatic Theme

The actors’ costumes blend in with the aquatic theme.

There are women in jellyfish costumes and male tumblers who resemble eels.

See the mariner drop into this new world.

Acrobats represent inhabitants of this kingdom.

The performers display their abilities through countless stunts.

View tumblers as they climb poles and ride unicycles.

A projection screen generates a vibrant oceanic themed backdrop.

Observe as a fisherman explores the new land.

He falls in love with a princess.

Nevertheless, the queen of the underworld opposes the couple’s relationship.

The stage explodes into different acrobatic stunts as the angler fights to protect his relationship.

The queen separates the couple using her team of acrobats.

Enjoy a stunning performance by professional yoyo acrobats as other artists fly into the stage using ropes.

Witness special effects transform the platform in vibrant shades of blue and red.

More artists dash into the podium in an intricate gymnastic exhibition.


Two dragons enter the stage.

Watch as these dragons fly over the arena and mingle with the audience.

The dragons’ electric eyes sparkle in the dark theater.

The angler gets lost in the crowd as he searches for his lover.

A dragon in the backdrop creates a thrilling moment.

Sit on the edge of your seat as the creature lurks around for a while before it bangs on the transparent perimeter.

Bubbles rise from the ground with each bang.

The earth shaking caused by the dragon makes the acrobats fall.

The angler spears the queen’s hideout.

Smoke erupts as the dragon dies.

The backdrop turns blue representing a calm ocean.

The angler wins and gets his princess.

Watch the jubilant couple celebrate their love.

The podium turns into a celebration.

Acrobats dance and do aerial tricks.

Meet the crew backstage for an autograph.

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