SeaWorld's Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

SeaWorld Orlando has launched its newest attraction to date: Antarctica, a fully immersive experience that will make you feel that you've stepped out of Florida and onto a frozen tundra!

The gem of the new 4-acre area is SeaWorld's innovative new masterpiece "Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin", a high-tech thrill ride and penguin habitat offering guests a one-of-a-kind experience!

Guests will travel through a queue where the temperature gradually drops (helping to prepare them for the extreme low temps at the end of the ride) and where they will enjoy a quick pre-show introducing the star of the attraction – a baby penguin named Puck.

Trackless System

After hopping aboard the ride's unique, trackless cars, guests will then go gliding through beautiful, arctic ice caves where over 2,500 glittering stalactites hang from the ceiling.

Thanks to the innovative, trackless system, each time you ride is unique!

Best of all, the ride exits into the "Antarctic" where guests will have a up-close encounter with 245 Gentoo, Rockhopper, Adélie, and King penguins!

The 6,125-square-foot penguin habitat (where temps drop to a chilly 30 degrees) includes a swimming area for the birds with only a 2-foot wall serving as a barrier between them and the guests!

Be careful not to get splashed!

Antarctica also features an underwater viewing area, gift shop, and a brand new restaurant – the Expedition Café.

With American, Asian, and Italian-inspired meals (to celebrate some of the countries that are part of the Antarctica Treaty) in a unique dining room, which will make you, think you've truly stepped into a scientific research station.

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