Blue Horizons at SeaWorld Orlando

The favorite attractions at Orlando's SeaWorld all involve dolphins, tropical birds and acrobats.

Dolphins are cute and always appear to be smiling.

With this in mind, SeaWorld has developed several rides and exhibits with dolphins involved.

The Blue Horizons show is one of these amazing attractions.

You watch them in a show that is three acts long.

The entire production lasts around twenty minutes.

It is a wonderful show, a great opportunity for a welcome break from other rides and exhibits.

Keep in mind that it is one of the most popular attractions at the park, so plan accordingly.

Arrive at least half an hour early to ensure yourself a seat.

The Show

The basis of the Blue Horizons show is a mixture of dolphins and dancing, acrobatic performers.

The show is staged in an outdoor stadium that allows you to enjoy the warm days.

The show features common themes of good and evil, fantasy and dreams, and of course the spirited dolphin performances.

The dancers are wonderful athletes.

They are reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil, bouncing, flying, and soaring on guidelines and bungee cords for much of the show.

The dolphins are equally delightful.

They perform feats of strength and agility with seemingly effortless exertion.

The finale is a showstopper with one of the more amazing dolphin tricks you will ever see.

Blue Horizons does follow a basic theme during the show.

Marina & The Splash Zone

The performance tracks a girl named Marina through her vision of what perfection would be like.

If she had her way she would be floating on the horizon and dancing on the crest of waves.

She jumps out of her bedroom window and enters a dream where all of this comes true.

Add to this, dolphins and you have the basic outline of the story.

Be forewarned, there are seats marked splash zone for one very important reason.

You will get very wet!

The dolphins not only treat you to great tricks, they also create enormous splashes that send water into the audience.

You do not want to get wet it is not advisable to sit in these seats as you are likely to get very wet.

It is not advisable to sit in these seats as you are likely to get soaked.

If this is where the show stopped it would be good and would be worth seeing.

There are other elements you need to know about as well.

Birds & False Whales

One of the more unique aspects of the show is the birds and false whales.

Tropical birds fly around and get close to the you.

They are colorful and fun, and the introduction of a buzzard goes perfectly with the entrance of the “bad guys”.

Add to this large false whales with trainers riding bareback and it helps push the show from above average into excellent.

The large false whales with trainers riding bareback helps to push the show from above average into excellent.

It is no wonder this is the premiere dolphin show in the United States.

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