Dolphin Cove at SeaWorld Orlando


For an up close and personal interaction with dolphins, visit Dolphin Cove at SeaWorld.

SeaWorld Orlando's Dolphin Cove offers you a prime example of a natural dolphin habitat.

Created with over 700,000 gallons of water, the tank is one of the largest dolphin pools in the world.

As a visitor to the park you will find a design that reflects a natural ecosystem and will feel as if you have become part of a live dolphin extravaganza and not an attraction at a theme park.

This is accomplished by the tank having features you might not expect such as a real sand beach, coral reefs that appear to be real living coral, and even waves that crash onto the beach.

Viewing platforms are in places where you can see the entire show with ease, watching bottlenose dolphins perform tricks and play games with one another.

These fun loving creatures are extremely playful.

This is an experience you will never forget it!

Created in 1973, SeaWorld Orlando opened their dolphin cove to give visitors an experience of not only viewing these dolphins in a naturally simulated habitat, but also interacting with them.

This is accomplished with the ability to feed the dolphins for a small fee, learn about them and their tendencies with lectures, and even touch the world's most famous dolphin breed.

World class teachers often come and speak to crowds about all the amazing aspects of these gentle creatures.

This is included with admission to the exhibit and is certainly something you will want to take advantage of.

Feed a Dolphin

The very popular dolphin feeding program has ended.

You can view these dolphins in an underwater cave or from above the water, joining in the feeding of these magnificent creatures.

Handicap accessible, both viewing areas are large enough to accommodate groups but small enough to remain an intimate and memorable time with family and friends.

For those visiting in the hottest parts of the year it is advisable to make use of the air conditioning in the underwater viewing area.

For special occasions, you can schedule a private behind the scenes tour as well.

These tours allow visitors to see not only the dolphins and their habitats but also how the entire exhibit operates.

Take a journey through the breeding tanks, see the equipment the divers use, and even learn about how this amazing exhibition was designed and constructed.

With all of these options and possibilities, you will want to plan on visiting Dolphin Cove at SeaWorld Orlando.

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