Franklin and Friends at Seaworld Orlando

Franklin is based on a popular book series by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark.

The turtle and his friends were recently turned into a computer-animated television show aimed at preschoolers, which airs throughout North America.

In addition to books and television, Franklin, his Aunt T. and friends Bear, Fox, Rabbit, Beaver, Goose and Snail, are also the subject of numerous games, toys and other children’s merchandise.

His inclusion into Seaworld is a natural fit as the parks aim to connect children with animals.

Franklin and Friends Meet & Greet

The event is geared towards children under 12 and its goal is to foster a strong connection with animals and nature from an early age.

Guests to the park will be able to find him right across from the Pelican Preserve.

Franklin and his friends will be available for meet and greets and photo opportunities during their first event as the newest members of the SeaWorld family.

SeaWorld Orlando is also adding exclusive Franklin and Friends merchandise to their stores.

The addition of Franklin & Friends to SeaWorld Orlando is great for parents will preschool aged children.

As a character, Franklin is a young and kind turtle who is growing up and facing everyday challenges just as all children do in real life.

As a result, he’s a very relatable character and will act as an excellent ambassador to the themes of animals, nature and conservation for younger kids.

Along with his initial appearance at “Just for Kids” at SeaWorld Orlando, the park and brand are working on a number of different collaborations with Franklin for the future.

Visitors to SeaWorld Orlando in the coming months and years will be privy to exclusive Franklin & Friends books, games, toys and more.

As a part of his integration into the SeaWorld brand, the company is working with Franklin & Friends’ creators on new film projects that focus more on nature and animals.

Franklin and Friends Nature Theme

There are also new books and other merchandise in the works that will shift Franklin & Friends’ focus more towards nature.

Franklin is destined to learn more about the natural world as he grows into his role at SeaWorld and children are sure to benefit from all his future experiences and challenges.

Over the past several decades, SeaWorld Orlando has expanded significantly to incorporate more than just marine mammals.

Though killer whales, dolphins and manatees will always remain popular at the park, SeaWorld now features flamingos, sea turtles, parrots and a host of other animals both to attract and educate its patrons.

Franklin & Friends adds a number of land-based animals to the park’s brand and will help further its efforts to teach both children and adults about animal conservation, both in and out of the water.

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