Halloween Spooktacular at SeaWorld Orlando

Give your child a unique experience this coming Halloween with the extraordinary activities at SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular rounded up.

This is an extremely exciting fun way of going for trick or treating during season.

In addition to trick or treating the park has created a lineup of events that will thrill your, young ones.

Treat designing, crafts, or a walk with amazing marine life-this is one of the most unique ways to spend Halloween.

Save a weekend in October, and give your little ones a treat by taking them to Seaworld.

Unlike other Halloween events held at other parks, SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular is included in your admission ticket.

The whole park is transformed to suit this amazing celebration.

From pumpkins aquatic life that blow bubbles on every corner to staff members that dress up like sea creatures for the party-every section of SeaWorld is built to please any child's imagination.

Year after year this continues to be the place to go if you are looking for a party while still being able to enjoy all of the other rides and attractions.

Shows like Sesame Street's Countdown to Halloween and Become a Spooktacular "Sea-Star" Celebrity will leave your child smiling for hours.

Although the complete set of activities for this year is not yet finalized, from the success of past celebrations, you can expect something as good this year.

Shows like Sesame Street’s Countdown to Halloween and Become a Spooktacular “sea-star” Celebrity will leave your child smiling for hours.

Kid's Zones

Penelope’s Party Zone offers non-stop fun for everyone.

A DJ and host will get your child grooving to popular and tradition songs like the Hokey Pokey.

Crafts, games, and music will make your child livelier than ever.

For an unforgettable palette experience, order an Apple & Crispy Rice Treat Decorating kit that will get you creative with your meal.

Design the sweetest and most scrumptious dessert you can muster with ingredients like licorice, marshmallow, gummy brains and the like.

This is surely be a hit for those with a sweet tooth.

The park provides a special map for this event, which marks the different areas dedicated to to the celebration that you and your child can visit.

Of course, the Halloween experience is not complete without Trick-or-Treating.

For this activity, the park has over a dozen stations that provide the day’s park visitors with all the Spooktacular treats they can eat.

This makes the activity safer and more exciting.

Halloween Spooktacular includes treats like Jelly Bellys, Cow Tails, Tootsie Rolls, M&Ms, Raisins, Mentos, and more.

The coming year’s event may provide more.

Make sure to find the perfect costume for your child in time for this Halloween event.

Seaworld Characters

Apart from this exciting experience, the kids have a chance to meet the parks sea witches Salt Water Taffy, Swedish Fish Suzy, and Gummy Worm Wanda through the Strolling Experience.

These three fun-loving witches bring with them over 35 other amazing sea creatures.

An air of magic and spectacle is what these have in stored for your little one.

Meet and greets with different sea creatures adds Halloween fun to the activities.

You can dance and sing songs with starfish before heading over to a fish trio that will challenge you to a game of Catch A Fish, a game similar to Hangman./

SeaWorld takes time to make sure characters looks eye-catching and friendly to children.

The Hammerhead Shark and Mantra Ray are other fantastic sea creatures your child could meet along the way.

Find all types of fun and excitement taking place at SeaWorld's Holiday Spooktacular this year.

Every kid and child at heart needs to experience this annual event.

Everyone dresses the part at the SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular. #SeaWorldSpooktacular
Everyone dresses the part at the SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular. #SeaWorldSpooktacular
Look for the special event maps at SeaWorld during the Halloween Sppoktacular to see exactly where all the fun is taking place. #SeaWorldSpooktacular Even Spiderman needs a little breather from collecting candy at Halloween Spooktacular. #SeaWorldSpooktacular There are even some very tall characters at SeaWorld for Halloween Spooktacualr. #SeaWorldSpooktacular There are dozens of brightly dressed characters throughout the park during Halloween Spooktacular at SeaWorld. See if you can take a photo with them all and name the species. #SeaWorldSpooktacular Even the Princess Elsa in your life needs a little break sometimes, especially after lots of trick or treating and Halloween fun at SeaWorld for Spooktacular. #SeaWorldSpooktacular There are plenty of games to play. You can win lots of Halloween themed prizes at SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular. #SeaWorldSpooktacular Children and adults of all ages are invited to celebrate Halloween at SeaWorld's Spooktacular event and enjoy a fun day of trick or treating. #SeaWorldSpooktacular While you're at SeaWorld head to the 'Cookies' station so you can decorate your own Halloween themed Spooktacular cookie. #SeaWorldSpooktacular There are a number of candy stations throughout SeaWorld where you can go trick or treating while enjoying your day or evening at the Halloween Spooktacular. #SeaWorldSpooktacular These starfish at SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular put on a great performance for you! #SeaWorldSpooktacular The costumed characters at SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular are not just there to look and smile at, they welcome you join them for a photo or two. #SeaWorldSpooktacular Face painting is also a great way to get in the Halloween spirit at SeaWorld. #SeaWorldSpooktacular The school of fish you find at SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular is very friendly. Be sure to ask for a photo or two when you see them. #SeaWorldSpooktacular Colorful staff are dressed in their Halloween best at SeaWorld during the Halloween Spooktacular. #SeaWorldSpooktacular Be sure to memorialize your fun time at SeaWorld Spooktacular with photos alongside the costumed characters. #SeaWorldSpooktacular


SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular Review by Ada Ospina

Getting dressed up and going trick or treating is a tradition for many American households, but sometimes you want to do something a bit different.

This is where SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular came into play.

If you’ve never spent time spending a holiday at a theme park you should.

SeaWorld goes all out with interactive experiences, trick or treating and all around fun!

Halloween Fun for Everyone

I went to SeaWorld for Halloween Spooktacular and it was well worth the visit.

While you don’t have to wear a costume (I did not), there are many adults and children that prefer to experience the park in their Halloween best.

From the time I entered the parking lot I could feel that I was in store for something rather exciting.

Once I entered the park I followed the signs directly to the Spooktacular area – headed towards Bayside Path - and boy was it a treat.

There were brightly costumed characters everywhere.


The characters are very friendly and are happy to take photos with your and your group.

Some kids even began attempt “photobombing” other kids because they were so excited to meet larger than life starfish and other sea creatures.

There are A LOT of photo opportunities throughout the park, I dare you to see how many you can get.

Jellyfish machines blew bubbles into the air and the overall vibe was fun.

You shouldn’t be scared at any of these interactions, which is great for the smallest ones in your group.

Candy Bag

Before you jump into all the excitement make sure you grab a candy bag.

I almost missed the station because of all the bright colors and bubbles that drew me further into the area.

The bags that are provided were great quality and perfect for holding candy and other goodies from a day at Spooktacular.

You should also stop by the cookie decorating station and buy a cookie kit along the path and let the kids get creative with their own masterpiece cookie.

I didn’t make a cookie, but there were dozens of kids working on cookies as I strolled by.

If cookies aren’t “your thing” you can ask about pumpkin sticker decorating.

This activity is free and let’s kids get creative with something they can take home and show to their friends, the cookies definitely aren’t going to make it out of the park.

One Big Party

The overall feeling that I got during my afternoon was a festive one.

There wasn’t one area of the park where I saw children crying or families looking disappointed.

I’m sure a lot of people spend the day collecting candy from the dozen or so trick or treating stops, but the majority of people were enjoying the shows, playing games, painting and dancing the day away.

Penelope’s Party Zone


When I needed a break I headed over to Penelope’s Party Zone at Bayside Stadium.

This was a great place to find a seat in the stadium or right on the dance floor and let the younger ones dance, party and play to kid-friendly tunes spun by a live DJ.

This may tire some of them out, but it seemed like the music and atmosphere re-energized everyone on the dance floor.

After a short stop at Penelope’s, and with a bit more energy, you can continue on the path for even more trick or treating.

Keep in mind that sometimes the stations move so you can make more than one trip to collect candy, I’m sure the houses in your neighborhood may remember your Queen Elsa and Iron Man stopping for a third helping of candy bars and lollipops, but here you don’t really need to worry.

I was able to cover the entire Spooktacular area in a couple hours and still had plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the rides and attractions that I wanted to experience before nightfall.

Halloween Isn’t Just One Day

I think one of the best parts of visiting Halloween Spooktacular is the fact that you aren’t limited to October 31st, which is actually the busiest day during this event.

If you happen to be in Orlando during weekends in October you can stop by and enjoy the party.

Get dressed up and snap some family photos that you can share with friends and loved one’s during Halloween.

 Shamu Brunch

If you plan to arrive earlier in the day you can have brunch with Shamu.

The 10:30am adult breakfast buffet includes scrambled eggs, biscuits, sausage links, bacon, fresh fruit, pastries, roasted chicken, salads, a ton of beverages and much more.

For children under 10 years of age you they can dine on chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac & cheese and waffles. Kids under 12 also receive a complimentary photo and cookie decorating kit.

For children the price is $16 and everyone 10 years and older pay $28.

This is the perfect way to fill up on food – remember this is a buffet - so you and the kids aren’t munching on all the candy you’ve collected before you leave the park.

Also, how often can you say that you’ve enjoyed a meal right next to an orca like Shamu.

When I went to this party I allocated about five hours and was able to see everything I wanted to.

As the sun sets, and before you exit the park, head to the entrance and catch Penelope’s Dance Party in the Village Square.

I would suggest making plans to visit on weekends leading up to Halloween due to the smaller crowds, which equate to shorter wait times.

You’ll be able to have a fun day at SeaWorld and still get the kids fed and in bed on time.

You Don’t Want to Miss This

SeaWorld does a wonderful job at making this Halloween event family-friendly and offering enough themed shows and activities that you aren’t milling about looking for something to do.

All you need is a valid park ticket to participate in this event, so you aren’t shelling out extra money to attend.

I’d recommend attending SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular to anyone looking for a non-traditional way to enjoy a Halloween style party that lasts through 7:00pm.

After you experience this event once you’ll find that you may be making plans to return in the near future, maybe even the following weekend, I know I am.


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Get to wear your favorite costume, and take home some of the sweetest treats you can have.

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