Jack Hanna Weekend at SeaWorld Orlando

Wildlife lovers will enjoy the Jack Hanna Weekend at SeaWorld.

This nature-loving expert and a number of animal ambassadors plan their visit in September.

Along with them are Jack Hanna’s favorite “co-stars”: entertaining kookaburra birds, assortment of eagles, and a number of leopards.

You and your kids will surely get valuable information and entertainment from this special event.

The shows on these days are scheduled at 1:15 pm and 3:15 pm in the Nautilus Theater.

With his profound knowledge on the wild, Jack Hanna’s enthusiasm can inspire you to connect with these wild creatures.

More facts about these animals and their impact in our lives will be made clearer in this show.

SeaWorld Orlando

If you think the excitement is limited to this event, you are wrong.

still have the chance to enjoy everything the park has to offer.

The different rides, shopping and dining locations and exclusive shows—the park has room for more exhilarating and educational activities.

Take your kids to the different rides like Shamu Express, Swishy Fishies, and Sky Tower.

Other shows you can watch are One Ocean, Blue Horizon, and Pets Ahoy.

This will make a lasting memory to your child.

Dining Options

Food stops are available in case you go hungry in the middle of the trip.

For a one of a kind eating location, Dine with Shamu is a perfect choice.

Your kids will be thrilled to see the killer whales leap out of the water.

This makes it the best background to have while enjoying a great meal.

All Seaworld restaurants have gluten free menu's available.

More info here.

Bringing home souvenirs is a must to remind you of your thrilling adventure in this great stop.

Unique sea creatures head gear from Emporium or a bunch of cute stuff toys from Fins and Coconut Bay Trader—a memento reminding you of your trip is a must for any traveller.

This is especially true if you it’s your first time or you rarely visit this place.

Get a whole new perspective on wild life and increase your knowledge on the things around you through this special weekend with Jack Hanna.

This is an experience you don’t get to have every day, so take the opportunity and maximize it.

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