Journey to Atlantis Water Ride

One of the most exciting attractions at Orlando's SeaWorld is the Journey to Atlantis.

Based on the famous legend of the Lost City of Atlantis, this is both a fun and mysterious attraction for the entire family.

To keep the theme of the authentic legend alive, the entire area looks like an actual ancient city risen from the depths.

To enter the area you take a boat into the heart of the city and begin to see the saga of Atlantis come alive. 

To enter the area you take a boat into the heart of the city and begin to see the saga of Atlantis come alive.

The colorful boats each hold at least six people for your entire family to ride together.

You travel through treasure rooms filled with riches beyond belief.

As keeper of the city, the mermaid welcomes you.

Dark Tunnel

Through a dark tunnel, around a bend, and soon you are propelled down a hill and into a giant pool where the splash is as memorable as the ride itself.

Soon you realize she wants to trap you forever and your boat jets you along to make an escape.

After a brief trip outside, your boat returns to the city to face the mermaid again.

Surprisingly, the boat leaves the water and travels up a roller coaster track.

This is the most thrilling water coaster ride you will likely experience.

It is certainly an attraction for your whole family to enjoy.

The entire area is so beautiful with fish filled reefs, sharks, and glowing jellyfish.

You will see what looks like an actual ocean scene.

At night the reef is lit with underwater lights.

The jellyfish emit their own enchanting glow. 

Lost City of Atlantis

Grand rooms filled with gold, jewels, amazing staircases and glorious vistas that make you imagine you have indeed stumbled into a risen oceanic city.

For those that choose not to enter the city you can enjoy the amazing architecture from a distance.

You have an additional adventure and vantage point to watch the boats coming down the hill.

Standing at the boat observation deck you may get soaked by the boats splashing into the river as they come down the waterfall!

Visit the gift shop to pick up Atlantis souvenirs and explore various aquariums that are relaxing and fun.

Make sure you buy a photo of yourself, taken by hidden camera when your boat sped down the waterfall.

There truly is something available for everyone at the Journey to Atlantis.

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